January 2017 Stitch Fix Review

Happy New Year!


After last month’s less-than-stellar fix and a not-so-subtle threat to cancel my subscription, Stitch Fix customer service was quickly in contact. They assured me they understood my frustrations, and offered advice for things I could do to help my stylist make better choices for me. When I pointed out I had already followed every single one of their tips to the letter after my interaction with them in March, they quickly backpedaled and offered to wave my stylist fee for this month, as well as pair me with a stylist with more seniority.

Better late and under threat of losing a customer than never, right?

I kept my requests simple this month: big cozy sweater for a brutal Minnesota winter, good quality black leggings, and anything on my Pinterest board. In her note, my new stylist Heather assured me she paid extra attention to my recent pins, and explained some of her picks.

Here’s what I got.


RD Style Lada Cowl Neck Sweater
Light Gray, $68


Pros: I asked for a big cozy sweater, and this is baggy and super comfortable. I like that it’s a neutral color without being my usual black, and did I mention that it’s super comfortable? Guys, it’s super comfortable.

Cons: For a cozy sweater it has pretty open weave, which isn’t exactly what comes to mind when I think “brutal Minnesota winter”.


Verdict: Kept. It’s really comfortable, and decently warm despite the extra ventilation.


Steve Madden Vanitty Bootie
Black, $99


Pros: I wasn’t sure if I liked these until I tried them on. They’re a solid winter shoe and fit right in with my wardrobe.

Cons: They’re really tight across the top of my feet, but I figure they’ll stretch out with wear. I was also kind of bummed that I found them for 50% off when I looked them up on the Steve Madden website.


Verdict: Kept! I mentioned I had found them on sale in my feedback, and they reimbursed me the difference a few days later.


Teeberry & Weave Juliah Plaid Back Pullover
Black, $64


Pros: I loved this as soon as I saw it. It’s a nice heavy knit, but super soft. I really like the contrast of the back pattern, and of course plaid is always a big hit in my closet.

Cons: The sleeves are a little shorter than I’d like, and I don’t ever really need more black clothing.


Verdict: Kept. Obviously.


Rune Porter Legging
Black, $44


Pros: I asked for quality leggings, and these are quality leggings. They’re not sheer, they don’t sag, they don’t cut off circulation. Basically, these are great.

Cons: After years of $7 Target leggings, the price is hard to swallow. Then again, I go through those Target leggings pretty quickly.


Verdict: Kept. You get what you pay for, right?


Pistola Audrey Moto Detail Skinny Pant
Olive, $88


Pros: I’ve had different iterations of these pants pinned on my Pinterest board since I started my Stitch Fix subscription. I love them.

Cons: These are maybe a hair too short, but I’ve been wearing my pants short on purpose for the last few months anyway. I read somewhere it makes your legs look longer, but really I just like showing off my socks.


Verdict: Kept, therefore earning the 25% discount!


Obviously they won me back over for another month. I’ve requested to keep Heather as my stylist moving forward, so hopefully she’ll have some more great picks in the future!

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)


December Stitch Fix Review

Good news, FedEx made its 27th stop at my house this week, so now there’s one more box under the tree.


But literally only as long as it took to take this picture

After last month’s disappointing Fix, I told Kaylee in my note that I’d hit my quota on leather jackets and no longer needed burgundy pants, but had pinned some fun ideas for the holiday season, and was in the market for some booties that would be Minnesota winter-proof.

Here’s what I got.


41Hawthorn Poe Ribbed Pullover
Red, $58


Pros: This sweater was super soft and comfortable. The sleeves were nice and long, and I really like the detailing in the knitting across the front.

Cons: I’m a ginger. This might not be the absolute worst color on me, but it’s way down at the bottom of the list.


Verdict: Returned. I would have kept it in just about any color, or for my mom if it wouldn’t have been a dress on her.


Report Footwear Indiana Side Tie Bootie
Tan, $70


Pros: These are pretty cute, and are a good color.

Cons: They’re not very comfortable, they’re really not my style, and suede is probably the worst fabric for shoes in the winter.


Verdict: Returned.


Papermoon Wigan Shoulder Zip Knit Top
Black, $48


Pros: I was really excited about this when I took it out of the box. It felt perfectly in tune with what I would normally wear, and I loved the zipper details.

Cons: It was incredibly sheer, and the sleeves were quite short. Additionally, the zippers were painfully uncomfortable. They didn’t quite break skin, but my shoulders are definitely scratched up.


Verdict: Returned. The idea was great, the execution was not.


41Hawthorn Karius Tweed Blouse
The card says it’s burgundy but it’s definitely hot pink, $64


Pros: Oh boy, is this shirt awful.

Cons: I have such words for this top, and at least eight of them are “why”. For some reason Kaylee thought it would be a great idea to send me this shapeless pink, sparkly tweed monstrosity that looks like it came from the clearance rack at Chico’s or the closet of a young Dolores Umbridge.
Do I hate Chico’s? No, it’s just the exact opposite of my personal style.
Do I hate this top? Yes, in fact I hate this top almost as much as I hate Umbridge.


Verdict: Returned. This top alone is a strong case for requesting a new stylist.


Kut from the Kloth Elyse Printed Slim Straight Leg Pant
Brown, $88


Pros: Upon further review of my Pinterest board, I pinned several pairs of plaid skinny pants, so the inclusion of this pair was exciting. The pattern is less flamboyant more professional than some of the versions I pinned, but they fit really well, and they’re super comfortable.

Cons: They’re a little long, and the price in on the high side considering the material is very close to yoga pants.


Verdict: Kept. I like them and definitely couldn’t go a second month spending $20 on a cardboard box.


Overall, I’d say this Fix felt lazy, like Kaylee just picked the first things she saw rather than reading into details of my profile like “red is a bad color for me” or “suede and winter don’t mix” or “WHY WOULD YOU SEND ME SHINY PINK TWEED”. Next month I’m likely going to request a new stylist, and/or seriously consider if this is something I’m going to continue for much longer.

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)

November Stitch Fix Review

I’m back with another Fix!


My note to Kaylee this month asked for a good, thick pair of black leggings, and mentioned that I’d still love a pair of burgundy skinny jeans or corduroys if she could find them in my size.

When the box arrived, I was really excited and thought I might be in for another 5/5 Fix.

Here’s what I got.


41 Hawthorn Gillian Sweater Knit Skirt
Black, $64.00


Pros: I had high hopes for this skirt, particularly after the skirt they sent in the same brand in August. I liked the Rorschach-inspired print, and it fit really well.

Cons: I had anticipated this being another swing skirt, but it is in fact a trumpet skirt. I’m not typically a fan of that cut anyway, and this one stuck out oddly at the seams and wasn’t very flattering at the hips.


Verdict: Returned.


Andrew Marc Sund Faux Leather Jacket
Olive, $98.00


Pros: The material was really good quality, and I liked the color over my traditional black.

Cons: I liked it, but I didn’t love it, and for the price, I really needed to love it. The sleeves and shoulders were a bit big, and the body was too short on my torso, so it really didn’t fit right.


Verdict: Returned.


Lysse Jessy Zipper Detail Leggings
Black, $88.00


Pros: The zipper details were cool and featured some faux leather – Kaylee knows me so well. The material was also really thick, just like I asked for.

Cons: I’m pretty sure the material was so thick because it was lined with Spanx. These were really tight, like cutting off circulation in my calves, and every time I moved I thought the zippers – which dug into my skin and left lovely teeth marks – were going to bust open. I’ve never been a huge fan of high-waisted pants, and I don’t think I knew high-waisted leggings were a thing that existed. They do exist, and now I know I don’t like them either.


Verdict: Returned. The final nail in the coffin was despite being outrageously tight and having a six-inch-wide suction cup for a waist band, they still sagged.


Loveappella Carlota Lace Detail Hooded Knit Top
Gray, $58.00


Pros: This was the only thing I wasn’t totally sure about when I opened my box, but I liked the lace details and figured a long-sleeved hooded shirt would be a good addition to my cold weather wardrobe.

Cons: At least it would have been if the fabric didn’t have the weight of tissue paper. That was even secondary to the sleeves, though. I’ve always had a hard time finding long sleeved shirts that have long enough sleeves for me, but I’ve actually had pretty good luck with shirts from Stitch Fix, present company excluded. Also, looking at these pictures, that block of lace is really unflattering.


Verdict: Returned. The sleeves really doomed this one.


Edyson Hampton Corduroy Skinny Jean
Burgundy, $68.00


Pros: I love these pants! They’re exactly the color I wanted, they’re super comfortable, and they fit perfectly.


Cons: …except for the extra six inches of fabric attached to the bottom of the legs. For some reason Kaylee decided to send me my size, but in Longs. I am 5’6”, don’t have exceptionally long legs, and have never worn a Long sized anything in my life. This information is reflected in my style profile. Why, Kaylee? Why?! 


Verdict: Begrudgingly returned. Typically Stitch Fix allows exchanges in situations like this, but the sizing options provided didn’t include differentiations for length. The good news is I found another pair of burgundy pants (that are probably more my style than corduroys, if we’re being honest) in my size in the Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade group, so there’s that.


En route from Ohio! 


This Fix was pretty disappointing, not only because I thought it would be 5/5, but also because I paid $20 for a cardboard box. Again. Unlike last time though, I actually liked everything in the box, the pieces just didn’t fit right. Better luck next time, I guess.

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)

September Stitch Fix Review

This probably seems like a quick turnaround from last month’s Stitch Fix, but I didn’t get around to writing the August blog until almost two weeks after that box arrived.



After last month’s success from having told Kaylee to basically pull whatever she wanted based on my profile and Pinterest board, I gave her similar free reign for this month with the caveat that I wanted fitted tops. The results were a bit less successful.

Here’s what I got.


Urban Expressions Aiden Zipper Detail Satchel

Black, $68.00


Pros: This bag is beautiful, and certified vegan! I actually need a black purse, and it’s a great size.

Cons: Holy fringe, Batman. I went back and forth for awhile considering whether or not I could remove the fringe, but I’ve never been able to justify spending loads of money for a bag that just holds everything my non-existent pockets can’t.


Verdict: Returned. Target or TJ Maxx will almost certainly have something similar at a price point I can deal with. And hopefully without the fringe.


Laju Joakim Split Back Top

Dark Green, $58.00


Pros: As all other native Minnesotan quasi-hipsters know, there’s no such thing as too much plaid in a single wardrobe. I like the tunic style of this shirt, and that it’s a lighter weight than most of my flannels.

Cons: This is flowy, almost to the point of being too big.


Verdict: Kept. I wore it to work yesterday and got several compliments.


41Hawthorn Monfer Faux Leather Scallop Trim Blouse

Black, $58.00


Pros: This shirt was so great in theory. I loved the leather trim details and keyhole in the back, and black is really my go-to color.

Cons: The leather trim detail that I loved so much was not tacked down in the back, which gave a very unfortunate wing effect. It also wasn’t fitted at all, and the arm holes were so big that the majority of my bra was visible. If I were a fun person who might wear this out to clubs, I would probably pair it with a fun neon bra and make the large armholes a statement. However, I am not a fun person who ever goes clubbing; I work for an accounting firm and am allergic to the neon end of the color spectrum.


Verdict: Returned. So much potential wasted.


Gilli Taneli Knit Dress

Grey, $68.00


Pros: The color and pattern were great, and I love the concept of a t-shirt material dress.

Cons: Who else remembers how I feel about shift dresses? This dress actually took the silhouette a step beyond “sad lampshade” and into full-blown nightgown territory. Not really the look I want to go for with my professional wardrobe, and a bit frustrating since I’ve supplied vehement feedback on the shifts they’ve sent me in the past, and have a permanent note in my style profile not to send them to me under any circumstances.


Verdict: Returned. Quickly.


Tinseltown Mason Moto Zipper Detail Skinny Pant

Black, $68.00


Pros: I love these. They fit great, they have super fun details, and I want them in about six more colors.

Cons: I mean they have fake pockets, but these are straight up leggings, so I can deal with it.


Verdict: Kept!


This was kind of a weird Fix, I liked most of it and I definitely understood why Kaylee chose the pieces she did, but they were just a little…off. Either way, they’re still improving and I really can’t complain. Except about the shift.

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)

August Stitch Fix Review

I think one of my biggest takeaways from Stitch Fix is that their style seasons do not match up with Minnesota weather. I distinctly remember getting an email from them in early March about fun flirty floaty flowy florals and all the sleeveless and crop top styles that were big for spring – mostly I remember reading it after spending an hour shoveling the five inches of snow we had gotten the night before from my front walk.


I get why they do this, at least on some level. I’m sure there’s a strain on inventory towards the end of the season, so why not push what’s coming up anyway? Get the people the trends of the season to have right off the bat, instead of a month or two in.

The point of all this is that the Fix I received last week – while fabulous – is very much a box of fall clothes. Regardless of how great the pieces are, trying on long sleeved dresses and faux leather jackets in my non-air conditioned house when it’s 96 degrees outside with over 90% humidity garners about the same level of enthusiasm as considering chiffon sundresses while trying to get ice crusts out of my hair.

The good news is, I’m ready for fall. Author’s note: the weekend after receiving this fix had two cool, rainy days, so my enthusiasm levels have risen considerably.

Kaylee, my new stylist, agreed to style me again and expose herself to another round of my feedback. I didn’t have any specific request this month, so she said she got a lot of inspiration from my Pinterest board.

Here’s what I got.

SeaVees Army Issue Lace Up Sneaker
Olive, $88.00


Pros: It’s like Kaylee knows that my footwear fashion choice borders on juvenile and I’m always looking for comfortable sneakers that can be worn with business casual and dresses and weekend wear and not look totally out of place. I’m also really loving the olive trend this year.

Cons: The canvas is pretty stiff, so they’ll need to be worn a lot to get broken in. Oh, darn.


Verdict: Keep. Currently rocking in and out of the office.


Gilli Patricia Sweater Knit Swing Skirt
Black, $64.00


Pros: Holy %@&$, I love this skirt. I love the movement of swing skirts, and this material has a really good weight to it. The pattern and colors also fit right in with my mostly black and dark gray closet. 

Cons: The waistband is maybe a little big?


Verdict: Keep! I wore it to the office last week despite the heat and the word “sweater” in the name of it.


One Market Cayenne Knit Dress
Olive, $78.00


Pros: Really loving the olive. When I took it out of the box I was positive it would be too big, which I was pretty bummed about, but it actually fits pretty perfectly. The skirt is a little longer, which is good for work, and I’m always a fan of stripes. 

Cons: The stripes are actually partially detached scalloped ruffles, which I was incredibly skeptical about, but it’s growing on me. 


Verdict: Keep. I have a feeling this will be making pretty regular office appearances come fall.


Skies are Blue Terese Quilted Faux Leather Jacket
Black, $88.00


Pros: I’m always down for a good leather jacket.

Cons: I would not consider this a good leather jacket. It didn’t fit me very well, and while I appreciated what it was going for – a preppy jacket in an edgy fabric to spice up a conservative business casual wardrobe – the cut was very much something you’d find in colorful tweed at Anne Taylor, and not in my closet. Plus, I kept a black faux leather jacket in April, so this seemed a little redundant.


Verdict: Kept for the discount, and sold on the Facebook Stitch Fix resale group. Don’t worry, it’s going to a good home in Connecticut.


Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee
Gray, $44.00


Pros: The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable, and it’s one of those basic pieces that goes with everything in your closet and you could wear every single day.

Cons: This is probably years of Target shopping talking, but I have a really difficult time wrapping my head around a plain t-shirt costing more than my electric bill.


Verdict: Keep, therefore earning the 25% discount for keeping all five pieces, which (on top of selling the leather jacket) essentially made this shirt free. Plus I’ve already worn it three times.


This was my first 5/5 fix, so major props to Kaylee. Hopefully she’ll stick around for awhile!

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)

July Stitch Fix Review

And we’re back.


Between being out of town for almost two weeks, work getting crazy, and general summer-time events, both my Stitch Fix delivery and review for July were a little bit late.

I put in a request for a jean jacket before I left for vacation and told Jessica to go nuts with my Pinterest board (which I double-checked this month to make sure there weren’t any wildly out of character pins).

The biggest surprise from this month’s fix was the note from my stylist — written by my new stylist Kaylee, as Jessica is no longer with Stitch Fix. She excitedly mentioned my Pinterest board and gave several styling tips for the pieces she sent me.

Here’s what I got.

Just USA Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket

Navy, $58.00


Pros: The jean jacket that I own — which led me to requesting this piece — has incredibly long sleeves (which is fabulous for my orangutan arms), but is also a crop jacket, has a rose-tinted denim, and was purchased at Target in 2007. Therefore, I was really excited about the wash of the denim and the length of the jacket that Kaylee picked out. I love that it has some worn details and that the denim is heavy and is good quality.

Cons: The fit was a little bulkier than I had in mind, but it will be nice for layering come fall. Additionally, I would have liked just a little more length in the sleeves, but they’re still much better than anything I’ve found for myself.

I just noticed that the entire left lapel is tucked under for this picture. Stellar.

I just noticed that the entire left lapel is tucked under for this picture. Stellar.

Verdict: Keep!


Pixley Vincenzo Cargo Vest

Olive, $78.00


Pros: Like all other corporate 20-somethings who still have the urge to dress like a teenage punk rock wannabe on a semi-regular basis, I love a good vest. Is that just me? Whatever, the asymmetrical zipper and other moto details made this piece seem like it would be a hit.

Cons: Unfortunately, the combination of the color, the canvas-like material, and the weird flap that ran across the back ultimately gave the vest a much stronger fisherman vibe than anything remotely punk or rock or, well, me. Finally, a philosophical question: can it truly be considered a cargo vest if it has no real pockets?


Where does all my cargo go?!

Verdict: Sent back.


Amour Vert Ahren Knit Dress

Black, $74.00


Pros: This is a great dress. It can be dressed up or down, and even though the length is a bit longer than I would typically go for, the slits on each side even it out without being cut too high. The material is dense enough to be fully opaque (it passed the window test!), but it’s still flowy and comfortable. Guys, this dress is ridiculously comfortable.

Cons: Honestly, this isn’t even a bad thing, but I wore it to work today and realized how much of a 90’s throwback it is. I felt like I should wear it with some patent Doc Martens, dark lipstick, and a choker. I didn’t, obviously, but you know, options.


Verdict: Keep!


Liverpool Phillip Printed Straight Leg Trouser

Light Grey, $98.00


Pros: I actually like this style for dress pants, and the material for these was really nice and comfortable, which is typically difficult to find for dress pants. Also, pockets!

Cons: These just really didn’t fit me. They were huge throughout the thighs and hips which gave them kind of a 1970s golf look. The gingham pattern (which gave me violent scrapbooking flashbacks) really did not help with the Caddyshack vibe.


Verdict: Sent back.


Zad Nicolas Pre-Layered Vertical Bar Necklace

Gold, $28.00


Pros: I had pinned several similar pieces, and really like the layering effect of the different chain lengths.

Cons: I don’t usually wear gold jewelry. Maybe this is actually a pro since it will make me diversify.


Verdict: Keep!


This is the best fix I’ve gotten in a few months, so Kaylee can stay. She gets me.

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)

Also, shout-out to Mary P., who received her first Stitch Fix using my link and earned me some sweet, sweet credit.

June Stitch Fix Review

I’ve been really busy lately, so the email reminder that this month’s fix was about to be styled took me by surprise.


I jotted a quick note to Jessica that I wasn’t looking for anything specific (having abandoned my quest for black pants last month), but would love to see some sundresses. I also mentioned that I have several weddings in the next few months, and would be interested in seeing something a little more formal if she found something that would work for me.

In her note, she made mention of my Pinterest board and touted that several of the pieces could be dressed up for the office.

Here’s what I got.

THML Abriana Colorblock Embroidered Dress

Navy, $68.00


Pros: I really loved the embroidery on the front of the dress, and the twin cutouts on the front and the back.

Cons: Shifts look really good on a lot of people — effortless, chic, and cool — but I am not one of those people. I’m one of the people who puts on a shift and transforms it into a sad lamp shade. The orange color of the bottom of the dress was also pretty awful with my skin tone.


Verdict: Returned. I’ll have to reiterate my standing ban on the shift silhouette.


Karen Kane Lisa Printed Pencil Skirt

Navy, $88.00


Pros: This skirt is awesome. It reminds me of the one I almost kept from my April fix, but it’s less frumpy and the pattern covers the entire skirt instead of just the front. I love the pattern, which is similar to several things I’ve pinned recently, and the length is great to fit into my work wardrobe. I also tend to gravitate to skater skirts, so a pencil skirt is a nice change of pace.

Cons: It’s a touch big in the hips, and the lining is partially detached, so that’s a little annoying.


Verdict: Keeping it. Did I mention this skirt is awesome? Yes? That’s because it’s awesome.


Collective Concepts Janae Dress

Navy, $78.00


Pros: I had pinned this a few weeks back, and really liked the idea of this dress. It seems like a great piece for summer that could be dressed up for the office or down for going out. Plus it has pockets!

Cons: Despite liking the idea of the dress, the reality is it was a hot mess on me. It’s huge up top, making the neckline a baggy and inappropriate plunge. The gathered waist hits me at a weird spot, and gives the entire middle a bulky appearance. The straps are also incredibly thin, which seems like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.


Verdict: Returned. Bummer.


See U Soon Kesse Cross Back Top

Light Blue, $58.00


Pros: This isn’t really a pro, but apparently I pinned this? I have no recollection of doing so, or any idea why I would think this monstrosity would be a good addition to my style board, but it is in fact there. Mocking me. Points to Jessica for actually paying attention to my board.


Cons: This shirt is a perfect storm. It’s pastel, and floaty, and gauzy, and shapeless, and has super weird accents at the top, and the straps are flimsy, and it’s too big, and it’s just terrible. Guys, this shirt is terrible. Plus, there’s the bra situation. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was designed with the intention that it be worn with no bra, which would be fine were it not for the incredibly sheer nature of the fabric.

lol no

lol no

Verdict: Returned. Seriously, why did I pin this?


London Times Darlena Lace Dress

Cobalt, $88.00


Pros: This dress was Jessica’s answer to my wedding mention, and she nailed it. I don’t typically go for jewel tones, but it works well with my coloring, and it’s different from anything else I have. The fit is great, and it has a vintage vibe, which I really dig. Also, it’s pretty. Guys, it’s like really pretty.

Cons: Lace is kind of a misnomer, since it’s really more a crochet, but honestly? I don’t even care, this dress is perfect.


Verdict: Like you even have to ask.


Overall, the bad pieces were really bad, but the good pieces were amazing. As far as the bad pieces go, Jessica really only had one miss — granted, an orange shift dress is one hell of a miss, but for the other two she was just trying to do right by my Pinterest board and I can’t fault her for that.

Clearly I need to cut back on my post-happy hour Pinterest usage.

Even with my misguided pins, she still managed to find me two pieces that I’m actually quite excited to wear. Thank you, Jessica, for dealing with finding me clothes.

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)