No matter how much I would like to say I’ve done all of this on my own, it just wouldn’t be right.

So thank you to my Irish family for making Ireland worth writing about every single day. It was the trip of a lifetime with the best people I could have asked for. Thanks for putting up with me recording every detail of it!

Special thanks to the Time Ladies, whose constant discussions give me most of the inspiration for this blog.

Tacos for my parents, brother, friends, coworkers, and other miscellaneous people that I continuously embarrass, even if only to take a quick break from mercilessly humiliating myself. My life wouldn’t be nearly as fun or interesting without you, and I promise to only refer to you on a first name basis when exposing you to the World Wide Webernet.

I am sometimes sincerely grateful to Loras College for giving me such amazing opportunities and helping me to get where I need to be in life. I apologize if being associated with this blog makes you shudder involuntarily.

Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to everyone who reads, has read, or might start reading in the future. It amazes and means so much to me that people actually take time out of their day to listen to the random things running through my head. Thank you for supporting me, and if you tell your friends about me I’ll guarantee that you WON’T get mauled by a hungry pack of velociraptors before your next birthday!

All unmarked photos are either public domain on Google Images or taken by me.
All unmarked illustrations that sort of look like they might supposed to be people are original works by me.
Any photos or illustrations that I’ve stolen *ahem* redistributed will be sourced to their original owner or creator.

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