Hi! I’m Lindsay, and you’ve accidentally stumbled across my blog. Welcome!

I really don’t like writing these About pages, so I’m going to quickly outline important details.

  • This blog is a junk drawer of travel details, feminist rants, fandom fun facts, dance team reporting, and PSAs. Please to enjoy.
  • I’m vegan, but a moderately bad one. I don’t eat animals or animal products. I do occasionally wear leather.
  • I’m of legal drinking age.
  • I often swear. Sorry if that offends you, it’s simply part of my vast vocabulary.
  • I occasionally¬†draw things for no reason. Pictured below is Lord Voldemort adorned with a bowler hat and monocle.

  • Please tell your friends about me. Please, oh please, oh please. I love my readers.
  • I am a feminist. The point of my blog isn’t to respond to misogyny, but there are a lot of dumbasses out there to respond to.

In a nutshell, this is the honest-to-goodness 100% true story of the amazing four months I spent in Ireland…and my boring life from after I got home. Please to enjoy.


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