November Stitch Fix Review

I’m back with another Fix!


My note to Kaylee this month asked for a good, thick pair of black leggings, and mentioned that I’d still love a pair of burgundy skinny jeans or corduroys if she could find them in my size.

When the box arrived, I was really excited and thought I might be in for another 5/5 Fix.

Here’s what I got.


41 Hawthorn Gillian Sweater Knit Skirt
Black, $64.00


Pros: I had high hopes for this skirt, particularly after the skirt they sent in the same brand in August. I liked the Rorschach-inspired print, and it fit really well.

Cons: I had anticipated this being another swing skirt, but it is in fact a trumpet skirt. I’m not typically a fan of that cut anyway, and this one stuck out oddly at the seams and wasn’t very flattering at the hips.


Verdict: Returned.


Andrew Marc Sund Faux Leather Jacket
Olive, $98.00


Pros: The material was really good quality, and I liked the color over my traditional black.

Cons: I liked it, but I didn’t love it, and for the price, I really needed to love it. The sleeves and shoulders were a bit big, and the body was too short on my torso, so it really didn’t fit right.


Verdict: Returned.


Lysse Jessy Zipper Detail Leggings
Black, $88.00


Pros: The zipper details were cool and featured some faux leather – Kaylee knows me so well. The material was also really thick, just like I asked for.

Cons: I’m pretty sure the material was so thick because it was lined with Spanx. These were really tight, like cutting off circulation in my calves, and every time I moved I thought the zippers – which dug into my skin and left lovely teeth marks – were going to bust open. I’ve never been a huge fan of high-waisted pants, and I don’t think I knew high-waisted leggings were a thing that existed. They do exist, and now I know I don’t like them either.


Verdict: Returned. The final nail in the coffin was despite being outrageously tight and having a six-inch-wide suction cup for a waist band, they still sagged.


Loveappella Carlota Lace Detail Hooded Knit Top
Gray, $58.00


Pros: This was the only thing I wasn’t totally sure about when I opened my box, but I liked the lace details and figured a long-sleeved hooded shirt would be a good addition to my cold weather wardrobe.

Cons: At least it would have been if the fabric didn’t have the weight of tissue paper. That was even secondary to the sleeves, though. I’ve always had a hard time finding long sleeved shirts that have long enough sleeves for me, but I’ve actually had pretty good luck with shirts from Stitch Fix, present company excluded. Also, looking at these pictures, that block of lace is really unflattering.


Verdict: Returned. The sleeves really doomed this one.


Edyson Hampton Corduroy Skinny Jean
Burgundy, $68.00


Pros: I love these pants! They’re exactly the color I wanted, they’re super comfortable, and they fit perfectly.


Cons: …except for the extra six inches of fabric attached to the bottom of the legs. For some reason Kaylee decided to send me my size, but in Longs. I am 5’6”, don’t have exceptionally long legs, and have never worn a Long sized anything in my life. This information is reflected in my style profile. Why, Kaylee? Why?! 


Verdict: Begrudgingly returned. Typically Stitch Fix allows exchanges in situations like this, but the sizing options provided didn’t include differentiations for length. The good news is I found another pair of burgundy pants (that are probably more my style than corduroys, if we’re being honest) in my size in the Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade group, so there’s that.


En route from Ohio! 


This Fix was pretty disappointing, not only because I thought it would be 5/5, but also because I paid $20 for a cardboard box. Again. Unlike last time though, I actually liked everything in the box, the pieces just didn’t fit right. Better luck next time, I guess.

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)