September Stitch Fix Review

This probably seems like a quick turnaround from last month’s Stitch Fix, but I didn’t get around to writing the August blog until almost two weeks after that box arrived.



After last month’s success from having told Kaylee to basically pull whatever she wanted based on my profile and Pinterest board, I gave her similar free reign for this month with the caveat that I wanted fitted tops. The results were a bit less successful.

Here’s what I got.


Urban Expressions Aiden Zipper Detail Satchel

Black, $68.00


Pros: This bag is beautiful, and certified vegan! I actually need a black purse, and it’s a great size.

Cons: Holy fringe, Batman. I went back and forth for awhile considering whether or not I could remove the fringe, but I’ve never been able to justify spending loads of money for a bag that just holds everything my non-existent pockets can’t.


Verdict: Returned. Target or TJ Maxx will almost certainly have something similar at a price point I can deal with. And hopefully without the fringe.


Laju Joakim Split Back Top

Dark Green, $58.00


Pros: As all other native Minnesotan quasi-hipsters know, there’s no such thing as too much plaid in a single wardrobe. I like the tunic style of this shirt, and that it’s a lighter weight than most of my flannels.

Cons: This is flowy, almost to the point of being too big.


Verdict: Kept. I wore it to work yesterday and got several compliments.


41Hawthorn Monfer Faux Leather Scallop Trim Blouse

Black, $58.00


Pros: This shirt was so great in theory. I loved the leather trim details and keyhole in the back, and black is really my go-to color.

Cons: The leather trim detail that I loved so much was not tacked down in the back, which gave a very unfortunate wing effect. It also wasn’t fitted at all, and the arm holes were so big that the majority of my bra was visible. If I were a fun person who might wear this out to clubs, I would probably pair it with a fun neon bra and make the large armholes a statement. However, I am not a fun person who ever goes clubbing; I work for an accounting firm and am allergic to the neon end of the color spectrum.


Verdict: Returned. So much potential wasted.


Gilli Taneli Knit Dress

Grey, $68.00


Pros: The color and pattern were great, and I love the concept of a t-shirt material dress.

Cons: Who else remembers how I feel about shift dresses? This dress actually took the silhouette a step beyond “sad lampshade” and into full-blown nightgown territory. Not really the look I want to go for with my professional wardrobe, and a bit frustrating since I’ve supplied vehement feedback on the shifts they’ve sent me in the past, and have a permanent note in my style profile not to send them to me under any circumstances.


Verdict: Returned. Quickly.


Tinseltown Mason Moto Zipper Detail Skinny Pant

Black, $68.00


Pros: I love these. They fit great, they have super fun details, and I want them in about six more colors.

Cons: I mean they have fake pockets, but these are straight up leggings, so I can deal with it.


Verdict: Kept!


This was kind of a weird Fix, I liked most of it and I definitely understood why Kaylee chose the pieces she did, but they were just a little…off. Either way, they’re still improving and I really can’t complain. Except about the shift.

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)