August Stitch Fix Review

I think one of my biggest takeaways from Stitch Fix is that their style seasons do not match up with Minnesota weather. I distinctly remember getting an email from them in early March about fun flirty floaty flowy florals and all the sleeveless and crop top styles that were big for spring – mostly I remember reading it after spending an hour shoveling the five inches of snow we had gotten the night before from my front walk.


I get why they do this, at least on some level. I’m sure there’s a strain on inventory towards the end of the season, so why not push what’s coming up anyway? Get the people the trends of the season to have right off the bat, instead of a month or two in.

The point of all this is that the Fix I received last week – while fabulous – is very much a box of fall clothes. Regardless of how great the pieces are, trying on long sleeved dresses and faux leather jackets in my non-air conditioned house when it’s 96 degrees outside with over 90% humidity garners about the same level of enthusiasm as considering chiffon sundresses while trying to get ice crusts out of my hair.

The good news is, I’m ready for fall. Author’s note: the weekend after receiving this fix had two cool, rainy days, so my enthusiasm levels have risen considerably.

Kaylee, my new stylist, agreed to style me again and expose herself to another round of my feedback. I didn’t have any specific request this month, so she said she got a lot of inspiration from my Pinterest board.

Here’s what I got.

SeaVees Army Issue Lace Up Sneaker
Olive, $88.00


Pros: It’s like Kaylee knows that my footwear fashion choice borders on juvenile and I’m always looking for comfortable sneakers that can be worn with business casual and dresses and weekend wear and not look totally out of place. I’m also really loving the olive trend this year.

Cons: The canvas is pretty stiff, so they’ll need to be worn a lot to get broken in. Oh, darn.


Verdict: Keep. Currently rocking in and out of the office.


Gilli Patricia Sweater Knit Swing Skirt
Black, $64.00


Pros: Holy %@&$, I love this skirt. I love the movement of swing skirts, and this material has a really good weight to it. The pattern and colors also fit right in with my mostly black and dark gray closet. 

Cons: The waistband is maybe a little big?


Verdict: Keep! I wore it to the office last week despite the heat and the word “sweater” in the name of it.


One Market Cayenne Knit Dress
Olive, $78.00


Pros: Really loving the olive. When I took it out of the box I was positive it would be too big, which I was pretty bummed about, but it actually fits pretty perfectly. The skirt is a little longer, which is good for work, and I’m always a fan of stripes. 

Cons: The stripes are actually partially detached scalloped ruffles, which I was incredibly skeptical about, but it’s growing on me. 


Verdict: Keep. I have a feeling this will be making pretty regular office appearances come fall.


Skies are Blue Terese Quilted Faux Leather Jacket
Black, $88.00


Pros: I’m always down for a good leather jacket.

Cons: I would not consider this a good leather jacket. It didn’t fit me very well, and while I appreciated what it was going for – a preppy jacket in an edgy fabric to spice up a conservative business casual wardrobe – the cut was very much something you’d find in colorful tweed at Anne Taylor, and not in my closet. Plus, I kept a black faux leather jacket in April, so this seemed a little redundant.


Verdict: Kept for the discount, and sold on the Facebook Stitch Fix resale group. Don’t worry, it’s going to a good home in Connecticut.


Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee
Gray, $44.00


Pros: The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable, and it’s one of those basic pieces that goes with everything in your closet and you could wear every single day.

Cons: This is probably years of Target shopping talking, but I have a really difficult time wrapping my head around a plain t-shirt costing more than my electric bill.


Verdict: Keep, therefore earning the 25% discount for keeping all five pieces, which (on top of selling the leather jacket) essentially made this shirt free. Plus I’ve already worn it three times.


This was my first 5/5 fix, so major props to Kaylee. Hopefully she’ll stick around for awhile!

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)