July Stitch Fix Review

And we’re back.


Between being out of town for almost two weeks, work getting crazy, and general summer-time events, both my Stitch Fix delivery and review for July were a little bit late.

I put in a request for a jean jacket before I left for vacation and told Jessica to go nuts with my Pinterest board (which I double-checked this month to make sure there weren’t any wildly out of character pins).

The biggest surprise from this month’s fix was the note from my stylist — written by my new stylist Kaylee, as Jessica is no longer with Stitch Fix. She excitedly mentioned my Pinterest board and gave several styling tips for the pieces she sent me.

Here’s what I got.

Just USA Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket

Navy, $58.00


Pros: The jean jacket that I own — which led me to requesting this piece — has incredibly long sleeves (which is fabulous for my orangutan arms), but is also a crop jacket, has a rose-tinted denim, and was purchased at Target in 2007. Therefore, I was really excited about the wash of the denim and the length of the jacket that Kaylee picked out. I love that it has some worn details and that the denim is heavy and is good quality.

Cons: The fit was a little bulkier than I had in mind, but it will be nice for layering come fall. Additionally, I would have liked just a little more length in the sleeves, but they’re still much better than anything I’ve found for myself.

I just noticed that the entire left lapel is tucked under for this picture. Stellar.

I just noticed that the entire left lapel is tucked under for this picture. Stellar.

Verdict: Keep!


Pixley Vincenzo Cargo Vest

Olive, $78.00


Pros: Like all other corporate 20-somethings who still have the urge to dress like a teenage punk rock wannabe on a semi-regular basis, I love a good vest. Is that just me? Whatever, the asymmetrical zipper and other moto details made this piece seem like it would be a hit.

Cons: Unfortunately, the combination of the color, the canvas-like material, and the weird flap that ran across the back ultimately gave the vest a much stronger fisherman vibe than anything remotely punk or rock or, well, me. Finally, a philosophical question: can it truly be considered a cargo vest if it has no real pockets?


Where does all my cargo go?!

Verdict: Sent back.


Amour Vert Ahren Knit Dress

Black, $74.00


Pros: This is a great dress. It can be dressed up or down, and even though the length is a bit longer than I would typically go for, the slits on each side even it out without being cut too high. The material is dense enough to be fully opaque (it passed the window test!), but it’s still flowy and comfortable. Guys, this dress is ridiculously comfortable.

Cons: Honestly, this isn’t even a bad thing, but I wore it to work today and realized how much of a 90’s throwback it is. I felt like I should wear it with some patent Doc Martens, dark lipstick, and a choker. I didn’t, obviously, but you know, options.


Verdict: Keep!


Liverpool Phillip Printed Straight Leg Trouser

Light Grey, $98.00


Pros: I actually like this style for dress pants, and the material for these was really nice and comfortable, which is typically difficult to find for dress pants. Also, pockets!

Cons: These just really didn’t fit me. They were huge throughout the thighs and hips which gave them kind of a 1970s golf look. The gingham pattern (which gave me violent scrapbooking flashbacks) really did not help with the Caddyshack vibe.


Verdict: Sent back.


Zad Nicolas Pre-Layered Vertical Bar Necklace

Gold, $28.00


Pros: I had pinned several similar pieces, and really like the layering effect of the different chain lengths.

Cons: I don’t usually wear gold jewelry. Maybe this is actually a pro since it will make me diversify.


Verdict: Keep!


This is the best fix I’ve gotten in a few months, so Kaylee can stay. She gets me.

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)

Also, shout-out to Mary P., who received her first Stitch Fix using my link and earned me some sweet, sweet credit.