March Stitch Fix Review

It’s that special time of the month again…

Fix #3!

Fix #3!

OK, it hasn’t quite been a month, but I moved this fix up a week to better accommodate my schedule. Points to Stitch Fix for flexibility.

What’s Stitch Fix? It’s an online subscription personal shopping service that asks you to fill out a style profile, and a personal stylist sends you a package with clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories once a month (or however often you schedule to get a “fix” delivered). You’re charged a $20 stylist fee when the fix is put together, which is applied to your purchase if you decide to keep any of the items. If you keep everything, you get a 25% discount. Anything you don’t want can be returned in the prepaid envelope they provide, along with comment cards detailing what you did or didn’t like about the different pieces, which helps the stylists for future fixes.

In my special instructions for this fix I requested work appropriate skinny black pants (again), as well as a new pair of non-distressed, non-jegging medium wash skinny jeans. I also reiterated my prohibition on pastels, fake pockets, and see-through jersey knits, and encouraged her to take my associated and frequently updated Pinterest board into account.

In her note, Elena — my stylist for this month — said my requests were great since it gave her specific pieces to hunt for. After seeing what was in the box, this comment seemed ironic since she clearly didn’t actually hunt for what I requested.

My stylist was wrong.

My stylist was wrong.

Olive + Oak Jaen Chambray Top

Blue, $68.00


Pros: The color blocking details of the shirt are really cool, and it fit pretty well in the shoulders.

Cons: The material is very thin and flimsy, which makes the price point kind of outrageous. Additionally, I already have three denim button-up shirts — one over-sized, one with a pattern, and one that has long enough sleeves for my orangutan arms — I really don’t need another one, especially in a silhouette that I don’t like. In Elena’s defense, there are two pins on my board that feature denim shirts. However, I have nineteen pins featuring leather jackets and over forty with skirts or dresses, so maybe any of those things would have been better choices.


Verdict: Returned.


Mavi Freida Skinny Jean

Navy, $98.00


Pros: I desperately need new skinny jeans, so I was excited to see these in my box. They were way darker than the medium wash I requested, but I still like the color. They fit well, though they’re a little on the short side.

Cons: These are jeggings, and I specifically requested jeans, not jeggings. I have no problem paying $98.00 for a quality pair of jeans that will be a wardrobe staple and last for many years. I have a very big problem paying $98.00 for a pair of jeggings that are pretending to be real jeans, while containing the same denim to spandex ratio as a pair of Target jeggings.


Verdict: Returned. Seriously, is “real jeans, not jeggings” a confusing request?


Brixon Ivy Sylvester Split Neck Blouse

Green, $54.00


Pros: Elena clearly listened to my complaints about jersey knits that are trying to be chiffon, and opted instead to give me…polyester that’s trying to be chiffon. Not exactly what I was going for, but points for creativity. The color is similar to the color palette I most regularly frequent.

Cons: I’m just very confused by this shirt’s inclusion in my box. It’s a nice shirt, but 110% not my style, as clearly illustrated by the lack of floaty or shapeless tops throughout my Pinterest board, the fact that my Stitch Fix style profile lists “fitted” as my preferred fit for tops, and after my January fix I explicitly told them not to send me shapeless sheer shirts. I’m all for stepping outside of my comfort zone, but this style of shirt doesn’t look good on my body, which is why I avoid them.


Verdict: Returned. The fact that I even tried this on is a miracle.


Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser 

Black, $98.00


Pros: Nope.

Cons: Are you kidding me with this?! These are basically yoga pants. They have no zipper, no buttons, no pockets, no belt loops, nothing. They’re yoga pants that cost ninety eight dollars, and aren’t even Lulu Lemon. This is honestly the furthest away from “work-appropriate skinny black pants that don’t have fake pockets” you can get while still technically being skinny black pants. They’re also incredibly uncomfortable — the material is paper-like and thin, and they seemed confused about whether or not they were ankle length or shorter. The waist was also a bit big on me, which I’d normally remedy with a belt, except the no belt loops makes that a little difficult.


“Work-appropriate skinny black pants that don’t have fake pockets” is not an outlandishly difficult request, and it’s incredibly frustrating that this is an actual pin from my Pinterest board that Elena was supposed to be referencing:

Do i have to provide a product number, too?

Do I have to provide a product number, too?

Finally, while I appreciate her taking my “no fake pockets” comment to heart, THE ABSENCE OF POCKETS IS NOT BETTER.

Verdict: Returned. I read somewhere that you should only keep clothes in your wardrobe that bring you joy. These brought me anger.


Jill Michael Marianne Triangle Stud Earrings

Gold, $28.00


Pros: They’re simple, and pretty, and I could use some more studs to rotate through my everyday earrings.

Cons: They’re too small and too gold for my taste.

Verdict: Returned.


So that’s the story of how I paid $20 for a cardboard box. I know I’m kind of picky when it comes to clothes, which is one of the reasons I hate shopping. I don’t expect my stylist to read my mind; however, I do expect her to read my instructions and at least look at the Pinterest board she’s supposed to be using for reference.

I am not shy with any of my feedback, so hopefully another month, another stylist, and one final plea for work appropriate skinny black pants with real pockets will make a positive difference. If not, I need to seriously consider if I want to continue paying for a “personalized” service that doesn’t listen to me.

Spoilers, I don’t.

If you’re interested in Stitch Fix, or at least in seeing if you have better luck than me, check it out! It’s free to sign up, and filling out the style profile is actually really helpful for thinking about what you do and don’t love for your wardrobe.

(Plus, between friends, if you sign up with my referral link, I earn credit with the site when your first fix ships. Win-win, right?)