#FeministFriday No. 24: Technical Difficulties

The day has sadly come where I am unable to deliver on my promise of bringing you a Feminist Fun Fact each and every Friday.

I realize that it’s Monday, bear with me for just one second.

After a bit of delay, I finished a post about street harassment, at approximately 11:52 PM CST this evening, at which point I clicked Save, and WordPress proceeded to delete the entire post.

Bad words were said.

Because I live by the “write dangerously” standard of blogging, this was my first and only draft, written without notes or an outline.

I know, I know, and if I hear one “that’s what you get” I will find you.

Under normal circumstances I would go about trying to recreate the post to the best of my ability; unfortunately, I simply do not have time to do that this week with my work and personal schedule.

This isn’t the end of the series; I will rewrite and publish #FeministFriday No. 24 as soon as I possibly can.

Regularly scheduled blogs will return this Friday with #FeministFriday No. 25.

One response to “#FeministFriday No. 24: Technical Difficulties

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