Things I Have Learned, Part 3

As 2013 draws to a close, I will be posting a five part series of things that I’ve learned from the past year or so through my own experiences, or observing the experiences of my friends and family. 

Let’s just say it’s been educational. 

  1. If someone is hurting you, say something.
  2. Feminism is the radical idea that men and women are equal and should be treated as such. Realizing you’re a feminist is not the worst thing in the world and does not mean you hate men.
  3. Gas is really expensive, but it’s less irritating if you think of it as paying for explosive liquid dinosaurs.
  4. If what people will think of you is what’s holding you back from what you need to do, those people don’t deserve to be in your life.
  5. Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  6. Always apologize when you’re in the wrong. Never apologize for being right.
  7. Make time for people. You don’t want to look back on your life and only see what you missed out on because you were too busy.
  8. Dancing with a guy does not give him permission to stick his tongue in your mouth. Unless you want him to, in which case carry on.
  9. Ignorance is not bliss. Educate yourself. Be informed.
  10. Looks fade. Character does not.
  11. Always take the high road, and always take it with a smile.
  12. Have a back-up plan.
  13. Support your friends. They listen to you bitch, so return the favor.
  14. Have a go-to emergency internet video that will make you laugh no matter how crappy your day is.
  15. Thank your parents, and thank them often. You would be nothing without them.
  16. Stop with the slut shaming. Girls have a hard enough time without turning on each other.
  17. Life is uncertain. Enjoy today because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.
  18. You are going to have bad days. They make the good days worth having.
  19. It’s not that exes can’t be friends, it’s just that most of them really shouldn’t.
  20. Never drink on an empty stomach.
  21. If a guy at a bar gets up to have a smoke and offers you one, he’s being polite. If you decline and he wants you to join him anyway, he wants to make out with you in an alley.
  22. It’s possible to be intelligent and have a diverse vocabulary and still swear like a bloody sailor.
  23. If you live with your parents after college there is a solid chance that all of you will revert to acting like you’re 17 years old, because that’s probably the last time you lived with your parents for an extended period of time.
  24. Being alone is a circumstance. Being lonely is a choice.
  25. Don’t make snap judgments about anyone. You have no idea what anyone else has been through or is going through.

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