The Eighth Doctor

mars 2

Actor: Paul McGann

First Appearance: Doctor Who (TV Movie) – May 27, 1996

Last Appearance: Doctor Who (TV Movie) – May 27, 1996; The Night of the Doctor (Online Minisode) – November 14, 2013

Total Appearances: 1 Episode, 1 Minisode

Time to Watch: 1h 31m 4s

Companions: Grace Holloway, Shang Lee (TV Movie); Charlie, Carius, Lucy, Molly (Audio Dramas)

Regeneration: Unknown until the release of The Night of the Doctor. The Doctor crashes onto Caarn while trying to rescue the navigator of a doomed gunship. He is kept alive by the Sisterhood of Caarn who convince him to forcibly regenerate into a warrior in order to save what’s left of universe from the raging Time War.

Notable Characteristics: The Eighth Doctor encouraged those around him to seize life, and enjoyed giving people hints of their own futures. He was extremely prone to bouts of amnesia, and often demonstrated a penchant for sleight of hand. He was the first incarnation to kiss a companion, something that caused much controversy among fans, but causes him to be regarded as the “romantic” doctor.

Notable Episodes: Doctor Who was an American produced TV movie meant to be a “back door pilot” to re-launch the series after its seven year hiatus, but failed to achieve necessary ratings. After landing in San Francisco and regenerating, the Doctor must stop the Master from destroying Earth in an attempt to gain more regenerations.

Recipe: Stinted Hearts

2 lbs. (2 16 oz. baskets) fresh strawberries

Rinse and remove stems.
Slice each strawberry in half lengthwise.
With the halves side-by-side, use a toothpick to skewer the halves together horizontally, starting at the center of one half, and sliding into the center of the other half.
Serve and enjoy.


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