Miley Cyrus: Apparently the Worst Thing Ever on Television

Let’s talk about Miley.

I am an avid anti-fan of Miley Cyrus. I have been since high school when she first burst onto the Disney Channel scene with that stupid blonde wig and her sickly bubble gum pop songs about friendship and crushes and shiny objects.

I have never wanted to punch a preteen so much.

I have never wanted to punch a preteen so much.

From an objective perspective, I’m sure she’s a mildly entertaining singer and decent actress; however, in my humble opinion everything about her is irritating, from her voice to the way she presents herself to her apparent disregard of common sense – and do NOT get me started on the abomination that is “The Climb”.

Just don’t.

So it came as no surprise that I’ve had several people asking me what I thought of her VMA performance. Initially, on par with the rest of the world, I was appalled. But once the shock of the twerking teddy bears wore off, I got a better look at the big picture. Personally, I did not care for the performance. It was not, as they say, my cup of tea, and I know there are many, many people who agree with that sentiment. That does not mean we get to rip her apart in every way imaginable, though. So, time for unpopular opinion?

Time for unpopular opinion. 

Stop with the slut shaming. Seriously, stop it. 

I get that people were uncomfortable, but why are we so uncomfortable with it? Let’s break this down:

“It was inappropriate for television.”

It was certainly a more edgy performance than her Disney roots, but keep in mind she had rehearsals. If the network had thought it was too lewd for the public to view, they would have ordered changes or scrapped the whole thing.

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“She tried too hard to be seen as a sexual being.”

In the eight or so articles I’ve read about the performance not a single one mentioned anything about Robin Thicke other than to say he performed his smash hit “Blurred Lines” while Miley further embarrassed herself. Mr. Thicke was up there bumping and grinding right along with her, literally serenading a 20 year old with, “What do they make dreams for/When you got them jeans on/What do we need steam for/You the hottest bitch in this place,” but that’s more acceptable because…? Seriously, why?

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“The performance will have a negative effect on her young fans.”

Was it irresponsible for her to be so openly provocative when so many young girls look up to her? Maybe. But do you know what else is irresponsible? Allowing children to glorify celebrities to the extent that they do. Parents, not celebrity idols, raise their children. If they’re doing their job, the kids will know what is and is not acceptable behavior regardless of what the latest and greatest teen pop sensation is doing.

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“Her clothing – or lack thereof – was too revealing.”

Did everyone just completely forget what Lady Gaga was wearing ten minutes before Miley came on stage?

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show


“She clearly has an eating disorder.”

OK, no. Women cannot win when it comes to body image. If she has curves, she’s a fat ass. If she’s thin, she’s anorexic.

Motion for everyone to shut the hell up about women’s bodies.

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“She needs help/She has deep issues.”

If anything, she’s an artist who likes being famous and is desperately trying to stay relevant. Everyone’s talking about her, so newsflash, it’s working. People have been citing the extreme haircut and the weird clothes as evidence that she’s crying out for help and has deep-seeded mental problems, while ignoring the very important fact that she’s a 20 year old. When I was 20, I cut off all my hair and experimented with my wardrobe all the time. The result was some extremely outlandish pictures and the occasional antagonistic remarks from my mother (none of which were undeserved – it was not my best look), but no one ever told me I was ruining my life or tried to get me to go to counseling. It’s a phase, and she’ll grow out of it.  
I did, thankfully.

I did, thankfully.

Now once more, all together: stop it. Enough is enough, she performed her song and got the attention she wanted. Now let it go so I can get back to not seeing her face every time I open a news site.