The Best of 2012

Some of my more astute readers may point out that I’m a few weeks behind on commemorating 2012. To them I say, get over it. I have a life, you know.

Shut up, yes I do.

I don’t even believe me.

Besides, given my propensity to go for increasingly longer periods of time without posting anything, the fact that I’m writing at all should be enough of a distraction from being 23 days off the ball. Sorry you’ve had to make due with archives since April.

(If anyone was wondering, no, I still don’t know who signed me up for, yes, I’m still getting semi-creepy e-mails from it every day, and no, I haven’t caved into the temptation of bacon — I just celebrated my one year mark for becoming vegan.)

I’ll cut myself off now, since I really shouldn’t delay this any more than I already have. Please to enjoy, in chronological order, the Top 12 Moments of 2012.
1.       San Francisco

I already did a post on this, so I’ll keep it to highlights:

Class trip for business tours (learning!)
Alcatraz and Pebble Beach (sight-seeing!)
Computer History Museum (full-fledged geek-out!)
Stole a bike at Google Headquarters (photographed by Asian tourists!)
Free wine (learning!)

Mostly it was California in January. 

Beat that, Midwest.

2.       Green Mile

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. I’d launch into an impassioned speech about the historical meaning of the holiday and its significance in Ireland, but I know that none of you care.

March 17th is a bit different when celebrated in the motherland, which really isn’t a terrible thing. In 2011, I witnessed a bizarre-ish cultural parade. In 2012, I witnessed Part Two of the greatest Struggle Bus Loras has ever seen.

It’s so beautiful.

The genius minds behind organizing and orchestrating our Homecoming Miracle Mile created the first-ever Green Mile, and proved that when it comes to bringing people together for day drinking and block parties, lightning can indeed strike twice (as can random Frisbees to the face, which I also had the misfortune of learning that day).


It was a gorgeous day, and a complete blast. I’m not sure if the parents of all the high school students who were touring that day, however, felt the same way.


3.       Las Vegas



I will say that Libby has to be my favorite person to travel with, because every time we travel anywhere, something like this happens.

And it’s great.

Also this is going in again, because this post is unofficially sponsored by abs.

All the abs.


4.       Xanadu

Oh, Xanadu. 

Easily the most ridiculously outlandish stage production I have ever been involved in (yes, including that time I was a dancing cow), I am still beyond proud of how hard everyone worked and how amazing it turned out.

Special thanks to the horse.

I miss being involved with choreography and theater like crazy. So Mr. Sawyer, if you’re reading this, I know you’re doing Hairspray this year. I know there’s a ton of awesome dance numbers in that show. And I know I can only send so many e-mails about being available to help out before I start coming off as a crazy person.

But seriously, I’d love to help out.


5.       Graduation

We did it!

Four years later, and all I got was a diploma for my Bachelor of Science in Management of Information Systems. OK, that’s a pretty good trade-off.

I even behaved during the ceremony.


6.       McGladrey

I started my big girl job in June.

After some shuffling between teams based on project availability, I’m now (happily!) a permanent member of the NetSuite team as an IT Business Solutions Consulting Associate.

I also have some really fantastic coworkers, which makes it fun to go to work. That’s not to say they’re better than coworkers I’ve had elsewhere, there’s just a much higher ratio of awesome ones at McGladrey.

Anyway, I think this all means I’m a grown-up now. 



7.       Guinness

On the off chance you haven’t been on Facebook since July and haven’t seen the obscene amount of photos I’ve posted since then, I am the proud owner of an Irish Terrier puppy named Guinness, who is now almost nine months old.

Guinness at 10 wks.

They say dogs take after their owners. She’s got red hair, long legs, loves beer, doesn’t always listen well, and can be very dramatic. I’m assuming they’re talking about all that, and not her magnificent beard.



8.       Schaumburg

Part of my grown-up job was my first grown-up business trip!

Granted, it was a Consulting New Hire Conference, so it felt slightly more like college orientation than an actual business trip.

Managerial synergy!

I spent a week in Schaumburg, learned about business cases and etiquette, made some awesome business contacts for later down the line, and got to make a Build-a-Bear for a sick kid in a hospital. 

I’ll chalk that up for a win.


9.       Homecoming

Hey there, Dubuque. We[were] baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

The American Lady missed us.

I now understand (even more!) the big deal about Homecoming. I missed my people. A lot. I also missed Dubuque, and campus (read: Fat’s), and downtown (read: Lounge, Busted, Mason, Paul’s, etc.). Mostly my people, though.

And in true Loras form, we went to Gin’s on Friday and had to catch the Struggle Bus to the tailgate.


10.   Wedding

As an infamous pirate once said, “A wedding? I love weddings! Drinks all around!”

There were plenty of drinks all around. Drinks everywhere, actually. We’re talking about the Thynes.

My super awesome cousin got married to an equally awesome guy, in a fantastically awesome ceremony in October.


What can I say? I love weddings, and I love seeing my family. Particularly in a partying environment. Plus for once in my life, my hand-eye coordination didn’t completely fail me.

Either that or it was the shoes.

Congratulations, Dave and Keri!


11.   Who-fest (Part I, II, III, IV)

I’m not going to waste my time educating all of you about what is easily the greatest show to ever grace the airwaves, or the fact that it’s currently celebrating its 50th anniversary of existence, or even that it provides me with legitimate cosplay options now that Harry Potter is done premiering things.

Shout-out to Halloween!

No, I’m just going to say that I thoroughly enjoyed all the nights that I spent with my other geeky, Doctor Who obsessed friends watching the premieres of new episodes, our favorite old episodes, and bouncing insane theories off each other all while draining an excessive number of wine bottles.

And aside from the Bad Wolf cake incident, we always have a ridiculously fun time because being a geek is amazing, albeit sometimes slightly frightening.

“Lindsay, I’m so sorry. Your fan has two shadows.”


12.   Christmas

Four words: Remote controlled flying shark.

Merry Christmas!