Las Vegas

Oh yes. Vegas happened.

As I spent a portion of my Easter break last year in Rome and Vatican City, it only seemed fitting to switch it up.

Also, Libby turned 21 and her mom sent us to Treasure Island. So, you know, Vegas.


After studying abroad, I’ve really missed travelling with Libby, as well as going out to bars with Libby. Vegas covered both of those.

We flew out of Cedar Rapids on a Thursday (Libby’s actual 21st birthday), arriving in sunny Las Vegas by early afternoon, so we walked down the strip a ways, taking in the sights, taking copious amounts of pictures, and taking advantage of their lack of open container laws.

That entire globe in Libby's hand is full of margarita.

Our weekend consisted of shopping, and sight-seeing, going out to clubs, seeing a couple of shows, eating crazy good food, and catching rays out at the pool. I also met my hero.

This picture is about 9 years in the making. My only regret is it's not actually Johnny Depp.

Of all the hotels on the strip that we checked out, my favorite was definitely The Venetian. They had a few clubs and awesome restaurants, as well as good shopping, that we checked out, so we ended up spending a decent amount of time there. Most of the hotels have some sort of theme, and The Venetian’s is of course, Venice. I liked it because it was very authentic feeling. After spending last spring in Europe, it was cool to feel like I was walking around in Europe again.

Except inside.

My favorite club that we went out to was called rEVOLution, a Beatles-themed club in The Mirage. It wasn’t as big or glamorous as some of the other clubs we went to, but those clubs were also packed to the teeth and had waiting lines that stretched across entire casinos. No, rEVOLution was a well-kept secret despite free admission and drinks for ladies, making it a very fun place to hang until the wee hours of the morning.

It had a sweet entrance, too.

My favorite part of the entire trip, however was one of the shows we saw. Everyone talks about seeing shows in Vegas: Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Chippendales, what have you, but what people don’t typically think of is Andrew Lloyd Weber. 

You’d think he’d come up more in a glitzy place like Vegas given his over-the-top nature.

Anyway, Libby and I got an amazing deal on tickets for The Phantom of the Opera, in the theater in The Venetian that was specifically built for The Phantom of the Opera. Taking into account that I had never seen the show (or the movie), my mind was blown.

Much like the chandelier.

Since easily my favorite part of any activity, including vacations, is food I was quite excited about the fine dining experiences available to us. Of course we tried the buffets everyone talks about (not that great, by the way), a diner and a Vietnamese place in our hotel, several great Mexican places along the strip, and Hash House a Go-Go, a crazy breakfast place with enormous servings of twisted farm food (one menu item is 24oz. of Budweiser and a side of bacon), plus pretty good Bloody Marys.

The pinnacle of my eating experience, however, was Serendipity 3. Known for their foot-long hot dogs and frozen hot chocolate (as well as other ridiculous and decadent menu items), I got to vegan-out with their 100% organic, 100% amazing garden burger and sweet potato fries.

100% Yum

We spent our Easter Sunday at our hotel pool after we went to mass. Yes, we went to mass. I even found a Catholic church within walking distance from Treasure Island, which was sort of like last year when I found a Catholic mass in English in Prague on Easter. Except not even remotely like that, but I digress.

Anyway, after mass we hung out at the pool, sipping mojitos and partying with a group of Canadians who were very excited to help Libby celebrate her 21st in style.

Overall it was an amazing trip, full of amazing experiences, and amazing drinks. I’m still in shock that I got to go, and I am  astoundingly grateful to Libby and her family for giving me the chance to celebrate such a special time for Libby in such a special way.  I had a fabulous vacation, and Libby had a very happy birthday.

A happy, happy...I'm sorry, what were we talking about?


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