Is There a Difference?

This is out of order for my bid to catch up on the last semester of missed blogging, but I thought this was necessary to share.

Like many other liberal arts colleges around the country, Loras decided to take a stand against the social injustice that has been plaguing Africa and social forums alike over the last few months. That’s right, Kony.

Loras of course tackled this problem head on in the most helpful way they know how:

Which of course prompted me to make a few editorial adjustments to acknowledge another injustice.

I don’t mean to make light of a humanitarian nightmare, but I’m also sick of everyone acting like they’re changing the world simply by putting up some signs and handing out a few dozen fliers. I’m all for changing the world for the better, but I really can’t support people who think they’ll solve all the world’s problems by making touching YouTube videos.

So it’s time to join together, guys. Voldemort must be stopped.


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