The State of the Blogger: August

The whole post-once-a-week-so-I-can-spew-all-of-my-thoughts-all-over-the-internet plan sort of fell apart this past month as I did nothing but work, attend work-related events, and try to recover on the weekends from getting up at 4:30am all week.  I offer instead an overview of the entire month of August, so I can be caught up and back to getting my insanity all over the internet on a weekly basis.

Also, more squirrels.

July closed out with another intern outing, this time a river cruise on the St. Croix River. It was a lot of fun, there was amazing food, and of course there was a bar. Considering there were 18 interns at Securian over the summer, we were a pretty substantially sized group and, as I said, had a lot of fun. This fun was most likely at the chagrin of many of the other passengers on board the top deck with us. I’ll go out on a limb and say they probably didn’t enjoy the dancing. Or the numerous pictures.

Picture 1/742

The end of July also coincided with the return of Grandma from Africa. She had spent three weeks on safari in three different countries and had several hundred pictures of wildlife and landscapes to show us, though she was also very excited to tell us all about the tents that they stayed in having showers.

August brought more cabin adventures, and the cabin brought more crappy weather, despite our best efforts to entertain guests there. However, some guests still managed to have at least a little bit of fun.

THIS girl!

The weather continued to torment us on weekends in Hayward up through my last weekend at the cabin. Shirley and I ended up wandering around town so I could buy a sweatshirt (an unfortunate necessity in August) and she could buy a $7 American Indian head dress because, really, what would summer be without Shirley dancing around the bonfire in moccasins and feathers? We also helped Hayden have a wonderful time in town, which Dad found less than amusing when he noticed Hayden was missing, but I think enjoyed it more when he started receiving anonymous e-mails with pictures of him around town.

Totally his style.

Our third and final intern outing was to a place called Skyzone, where we played dodgeball on trampolines. For those of you who didn’t quite catch that, we played dodgeball on trampolines. I love dodgeball, and am not ignorant of the risks of hurling objects at other people. In fact, one of my friends in high school sustained a concussion playing dodge ball in gym class. However, despite my knowledge of the risks I was of course the one who got nailed in the face with a volleyball thrown by a management intern. Bloody nose and black eye to follow.

Not pictured: blood and loss of dignity.

My final weekend home was spent with the family I used to nanny for in the summer, and hung out all weekend with Tori (who did a pretty decent job of not treating my life). It was sort of bizarre being back there with the kids and the dog, and even weirder leaving for work Monday morning since it was my last week at work.

My last week was nice, but seemed really long, despite only being four days. I blame most of this on my intern friends leaving the week before, and I had lots of things to look forward to doing after work every night. No, not packing for school (that happened precariously last-minute). Monday night I went to The Liffey pub in Minneapolis with my family to enjoy a Skinny Ginger (totally my drink), and see the Twins lose spectacularly to Baltimore. Tuesday night the interns met for dinner and happy hour before walking to the Xcel Energy Center where we finally saw the rescheduled Katy Perry concert from the Securian box.

There was a lack of food poisoning this time.

Wednesday I got to say good-bye to a bunch of people that made my summer so awesome, and some of them brought me goodies (of the baked and the alcoholic variety) to bring back to school with me.

The end of summer is always sad. Sometimes it’s sad because school is starting, or friends are leaving, or really amazingly great jobs are ending. Even so, I’m excited to be getting back to school. Everyone has been telling me how fast it’s going to go, and how I shouldn’t waste it while I politely nod and think to myself, really? I thought it was going to last for ages. I was planning on watching Hulu by myself at every available opportunity!

Sarcasm has once again been lost in my head. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope your summers went as smoothly as mine did.

An Error of Type 2879 Has Occurred

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I thought I should make a statement as to why, and to make sure the public knows I’m still alive.

You see, my technology has been under siege by terrible monsters known as TumblBeasts that run amok on the internet and wreak havoc on unsuspecting blogging gingers.

This is a serious problem.

As per usual, however, I’m just messing with you. I’ve been busy with work and family going-ons, so I haven’t had a lot of time lately to write and/or illustrate. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch-up a bit this week. Until then, keep an eye on your webpages. No one knows when a TumblBeast strike may occur…until it’s too late.

You have been warned.


Special thanks to Matt from The Oatmeal for the artwork! Check him out, he seriously rocks.