Firework Food Poisoning

It’s been two weeks since I’ve written anything about what I’ve been doing, and I know you’re all dying to hear every detail of my life.

Calm down, it's not that exciting.

The 4th of July was fantastic, full of sun, margaritas, and contraband explosives, the entire weekend was marred only by the severe storm that blew through Friday night, knocking out our power and over 1,000 trees in nearby Granstburg, WI. It was a lot of family time, and an awesome cookout with the Rasmussons and Petrulos, which included Mark’s famous homemade macaroni and cheese. I’d promise a recipe, but it’s better guarded than the missile launch codes.

And whatever's going on here.

After my nice long weekend, I returned to work and a flurry of Lotus Notes work and deadlines for the Prophet database. It was a little hectic feeling, but Kristen and I finally got all of the work done we needed to on Friday, just in time for our meeting with the user. Unfortunately, the user didn’t show up to the meeting, so we sent a nice email going over the changes instead of presenting on them.

By Friday, I was looking forward to the weekend, but especially getting to go to the Katy Perry concert at the Exel Center with the other interns in the Securian box. Since the closest I’ve come to going to a real concert includes seeing Davy Jones (of the Monkees) and Kansas at two separate church fundraisers, and the Rubberbandits in Dun Laoghaire, I was really excited.

Unfortunately, food-bourne illness doesn’t care who’s excited for what.

Picture this, but with more vomit.

The concert has been postponed until August 23rd, and I spent Saturday going out with some of my high school friends for Roz’s 21st birthday. It was a little bizarre since none of us had ever drank together, and we had some wonderful adventures in downtown Minneapolis that involved a lot of walking, public transportation, and Roz falling into a fountain. The fountain was less because of the vodka, and more because it was just Roz.

There was some vodka.

This week wasn’t anything too special, with work continuing with more great projects. The one exception to normalcy: the premiere to the last Harry Potter movie.

Coverage to follow.


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