Amazing Race & Magic Cupcakes

It’s been a busy week.

No, really.

After the weekend’s grad parties (which revealed some new information about Laura Ingalls Wilder) and the arrival of Grandma from Arizona, I’ve been working like crazy on my Lotus Notes project at work, and I finally had some breakthroughs — don’t get too excited, in this case “breakthrough” means my code functions correctly. My deadline is next Friday when I have to present all the changes I made to the manager of the department that uses the database. Given my disposition on public speaking, this may or may not go well.

On Tuesday Mom managed to prove that truly no good deed goes unpunished. She went to Target after class and stopped to help a little old lady load groceries into her car…and was promptly attacked by the little old lady’s not-so-little poodle. Now I know what you’re thinking, yes a lot of poodles are are really tiny and should be easy enough to fend off with a drop kick or strong gust of wind. Unfortunately for Mom, this was an American Standard Poodle that decided her arm was its new chew toy, and since her arm is approximately the circumference of a white board marker, the dog did considerable damage.

Stupid Poodle.

Wednesday was the Securian Intern Outing. All of the interns joined the HR staff at the arboretum in Chaska for lunch and an Amazing Race-style scavenger hunt. The race covered about four of the twelve square miles of the park, and my group, three other IS interns and an Actuarial intern, managed to scrape into third place of four teams after taking a rather roundabout jaunt through the woods. Of the eighteen interns, I did manage to identify myself as the only Harry Potter nerd after being able to name what kind of wood Voldemort’s wand is made from without even a bit of hesitation.

It's yew, in case you're wondering.

I extended my Potter mania when Karen came over to make cupcakes — but not just any cupcakes, butterbeer cupcakes. For those of you who are woefully uninformed, butterbeer is the wizarding equivalent to Coca-Cola in Harry Potter world, and the cupcakes were amazing. The cake itself is a lighter molassesy sort of yellow cake that has the consistency of corn bread (but is much sweeter), filled with butterscotch ganache, frosted with a butterscotch buttercream frosting, and drizzled with more ganache. If your teeth have psychosomatic pain from the description, it’s justified. They’re easily the sweetest cupcakes I’ve ever had, though they were almost made sweeter by an accidental switch of powdered sugar and flour. Karen is now readily learned in the difference of texture.

Pictured: Diabetes

We have a plan for a raspberry-lemon cupcake for next time, so long as I measure the flour while Karen pours the wine.

After the long week, I’m finally up at the cabin for my favorite weekend of the summer, and it’s HOT! I won’t be able to cool off in the lake because of a biopsy I got done in at the dermatologist earlier this week, but hopefully getting the jet-ski out will be a good distraction from the heat.

At least until we break out the margaritas.


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