Healthcare for Laptops

Yesterday my 14-month-old T400 Lenovo laptop, was diagnosed with a startup error.

Pictured: Something you never want to see.

It was very sudden, Lappy was working fine one minute then it suddenly shut down and restarted with this. The error is common among computers with brand new operating systems, as it indicates that something wasn’t installed correctly. However, Lappy didn’t have a new operating system, which most likely means the partition has been corrupted on the hard drive.

For those of you who don’t speak geek, this is essentially the computer equivalent to a stroke.

The only solution is to completely re-install Windows, which I’m sending it to the Loras Help Desk to do this week. Unfortunately, in addition to being a major inconvenience, I will lose every single piece of information that was on it. Every picture, every song, every word document that I haven’t backed up on my external hard drive is now lost.

Incidentally, the things I have backed up on my external hard drive do not include about half the pictures I took in Europe last semester.

Let this be a lesson to all of you. Lappy was healthy and functioning one minute, and completely incapacitated the next, and if I had been better about backing things up more often, all I’d have to worry about now is re-configuring my settings when Lappy comes home with a shiny new OS.

Even the laptop hated getting its picture taken.

While Lappy’s out I’ll be using the family’s Dell Latitude D820, circa 2006, which weighs in at a hefty 7.15lbs. and features a 1.83 GHz CPU with a 2MB cache, as well as a battery life of one half of ten minutes.

Get well soon, Lappy.

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