The Pen Is Mightier Than The Flip

I’ve recently discovered something I’ve had a sneaking suspicion about for awhile.

No, not that.

As an IS intern, Securian has given me several different responsibilities. These include simple things like being to work on time and not setting my desk on fire, job-specific things like application development and training in Lotus and WebI, and of course the immensely important role of video blogger.

That’s right, part of my job is to talk to a Flip camera like a crazy about my job, and annoy my coworkers by forcing them to be on camera and talk about their jobs. Forcing people to be on camera? Come on, I’m completely out of my comfort zone here.

This proves nothing.

The point is, being an intern video blogger has led to an important discovery: the discovery that I should never be allowed to speak extemporaneously on camera. Ever.

Let me explain.

I am full of ideas and opinions and occasionally a witty remark (though typically a misguided pun), and I love sharing these things with people, but I have to do so in a specific medium, usually through written word or comic form.
The simplest explanation is that my brain and my mouth don’t run at the same speed. I’ll have a thought or get an idea and think of a way to cleverly/intelligently word it, then I’ll either think about it and write or draw something cool, or I’ll open my mouth and watch everything go to hell.

If I had tried to explain this concept out loud, my mouth would have burst into flame.

Subsequently most encounters with the Flip camera result in me babbling like a lunatic and re-shooting simple sentences like, “This week I was in training for form development on Monday and Tuesday” more times than should ever be necessary.

The good news from this is that I’ll never be one of those girls on YouTube complaining into a webcam about the minor inconveniences of my mundane life. The way I see it, something is only worth complaining about if it’s annoying enough that taking the time to draw a comic or cleverly word a rant makes it slightly more bearable.

Unfortunately, all the rantings and comics in the world can't make this less annoying.

I guess for now all I can do is wait for HR to get frustrated with my lack of coherent footage, and hope they confiscate the camera. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a switch to written blog.


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