Photo Shoot

This morning was our last day of classes, and the last time I had to get up by 6am to catch the DART to Dun Laoghaire and the bus to Baker’s Corner. More than likely it will be the last time I’ll go to IADT. Not that I’m emotionally attached by any means, but it does mean that the trip is really starting to wind down.

Closer than we think.

Libby, Kelsey, and I gave our presentations to the class of Irish students that had been so lucky to be forced into the classroom at 9am, and I think it actually went fairly decent. It was a nicely cohesive and informative presentation about Starbucks’ presence in Ireland, the tourism industry’s affect on the economy, and Dublin’s semi-state of public transportation. We also have to present it next fall at Loras, so hopefully it goes just as well then.

After our final class meeting I came home with Kelsey, Danielle, Libby, and Anders, and tried to decide how to celebrate being done with school. Sitting on hold with a German rail company was, surprisingly, not on the top of that list, but Kelsey and I really wanted to book our tickets from Vienna to Rome for when we’re out on spring break (it’s nearly impossible to get into Rome last minute around Easter). After about an hour-and-a-half struggling to find a train making the journey and a customer service center that spoke English, we were booked and ready to be done doing productive things for the day. Which is how we ended up watching Mean Girls.

You go Glen Coco!

Kelsey took a nap so I went next door to hang with Libby and Danielle. We made scones and then had tea time, which was something we decided we need to bring back to Loras next year. We also tried to decide what we wanted to do for the night, which somehow brought us onto the topic of Danielle wanting to fro out Libby’s hair. Ashley, who’s a Fashion Design focus Integrated Visual Arts major, got wind of this and asked Danielle, Libby, Mo, and I to let her do our hair and make-up for a photo shoot for her art portfolio. This is why I’m getting my hair teased and ratted to about six times its natural height and volume as I type this.

It was a lot of fun though.

By A.Ford Photography


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