Spring Shopping

8am class this morning was quite abbreviated, which was probably OK. We discussed a few current events –the Dali Lama is visiting Ireland for the first time in 20 years– and then Hitchcock met with Kelsey, Libby, and I to talk about our presentations that we have to give tomorrow for the Irish students.

After class we hung out with Danielle in the Atrium building for two hours because we had been invited to a free brunch celebrating James Joyce, or Ulysses, or something weird like that. Also weird was that they served kidneys. Whole kidneys.

Smells like a dissection lab.

After trying to eat, we took the 46A into Dublin. Kelsey and I went to Penney’s to get clothes for spring break. I ended up getting a really great deal on a couple shirts, shorts, and a sun dress. Also while out shopping I picked up a new memory card for my camera for break, and discovered that Irish pharmacies don’t sell sunscreen, which is something I really don’t understand.


Kelsey and I met Mo, Matt, and Rob for dinner at Pablo Picanté for delicious in burrito form then came home and worked to prepare with Libby and Anders for our presentations for tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll go well!


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