What’s Today?

My schedule has been really thrown off by going into school yesterday, so I subsequently thought today was Wednesday all day. It was really confusing.

Tuesday started off a bit worse than I wanted when I woke up about 20 minutes before we needed to be leaving instead of an hour prior. Most days I can handle the unexpected time crunch, but I had to give a presentation in Hitchcock’s 8am, so I was a little more stressed than usual.

Just a little.

I did manage to get out the door and to class on time with everything I needed, which was at least helpful. We started class with what some might consider interesting banter, and then began the presentation.

Part of our research projects include presenting them to people back at Loras, as well as a few people from IADT. The former presentation will be sometime next fall while the latter will be Thursday, so Hitchcock decided to use today’s class as a dry run. Rather than taking almost two hours to let everyone present, the class agreed on three people who would represent everyone. This ended up being Libby, Kelsey, and me.

Why they thought it would be us, I have no idea.

Libby presented her findings on Starbucks, I talked about the tourism industry in Ireland, and Kelsey gave a lot of really great information on public transportation. I thought the entire thing went pretty well, as did virtually everyone in the classroom. There are a few small adjustments to be made, but nothing that will be too difficult to fix before Thursday. We also got our critiqued and graded research papers back.

After Hitchcock’s class, I went with Libby, Mo, and Anders to our very last Cinema in Culture class. All the groups presented their movies, which was pretty fun. The genres ranged from melodramatic suicide contemplations to comedic zombie slayings, and it was very interesting to get to see what everyone else had been working on all semester. Our’s seemed to be pretty well-received, and hopefully our professor enjoyed it, or at the very least understood what was going on.


Once lecture was over I came home with Anders, Kelsey, and Mo, and put the finishing touches on both of my Cinema in Culture papers and submitted them. I also caught up on my blog and wrote my City As Text assignment that’s due tomorrow for Hitchcock.

Kelsey and I went with Mo, Matt, and Rob to Borza’s for dinner, and the girls were all just over watching Jersey Shore, as is normal for most Tuesday nights. Now I’m off to bed, and hope that tomorrow I can wake up on time and remember what day it is.


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