Accordion Accompaniment

Gavin wanted to spend his last day in Ireland out of Dublin, so we had planned to go to Malahide to see the woods and the beach and the castle. Unfortunately, since it’s a Sunday the trains don’t run as regularly, so we would have had to wait for another hour to leave. We decided instead to go to Howth and were joined by Ashley, Kelsey, Libby, Matt, and Mo. We were also joined by an entire train full of people, which is easily the most people I’ve ever seen go to Howth at one time.

Normally the ferocious sea lion guards scare people away.

By the time we got there, the Sunday market was in full swing and we were all starving, so we bought lunch and then walked down to see the sea lions at the pier. We also noticed boats going out to the Eye of Ireland (the little island right off the bay), so we walked most of the way down the long pier to check prices. We decided €15 per person was a little steep, and continued down the pier. It was a gorgeous day out, about 60° and sunny with no wind, so we all sat up on the sea wall of the pier and enjoyed the accordion player sitting about 50 yards away.

It was extremely enjoyable.

We got a little uncomfortable sitting on the sea wall since it was concrete, so after the accordion player left we went to a sand beach at the bottom of Howth Head. Sand, of course, is a bit of a liberal term since the majority of the beach was covered in rocks. We met a dog that insisted on chasing after every single rock we threw into the water, and barked if we stopped throwing them. We also, as per usual, found the most unconventional thing in the area to climb on, which is how my Chucks got completely submerged in seawater. Twice.

But we got to climb on rocks.

We had some time to kill before we needed to catch the DART so we wandered through the market for a little while, then rode back into Dublin. Gavin, Kelsey, and Libby were nice enough to go to Penney’s with me to buy a pair of €1 flip-flops so I didn’t have to walk around city center in soaked shoes.

I made sure Gavin got on the bus to the airport, then Kelsey and I walked back to Sandymount since it was so nice out. In hindsight, doing this in brand new €1 flip-flops was not the smartest idea. In the days to come I can look at my blisters and reflect on how lovely today was.


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