My Goodness, My Guinness!

Gavin and I managed to get up and into Dublin by mid-morning so we could cover everything he wanted to see. We took the DART into Pearse and walked around Trinity College, Grafton Street, and into the Medieval district. We checked out Dublin Castle and the outside of Christ Church Cathedral, then walked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and went inside. Gavin’s been living in Italy and has traveled to a bunch of other places in Europe, but was still very impressed with St. Patrick’s.

Irish Architecture: 1. Italian Architecture: ...probably more.

We walked back to Grafton Street, and I took him to Pablo Picanté for lunch, as it had been nearly three months since he’d been to Chipotle, and he was going through burrito withdrawal.

After lunch we walked to the most popular tourist destination in Dublin: the Guinness Storehouse. For those of you keeping score at home, yes, this was in fact my fourth trip to Guinness. It’s still awesome every time I go. Gavin, who toured the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam,  thought the whole thing was very cool and very well done. His favorite part was of course the free pint in the Gravity Bar, though he was disappointed that it was by far the best pint of Guinness he would ever have.

It's all down from here.

We walked around city center for a little while longer before returning to Sandymount, where we ordered pizza with Kelsey and Mo for dinner. We’re going to go out in a little bit, most likely to Dark Horse or Messr. MaGuire’s in Dublin, so I should go get ready for that!


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