This Post is Not a Genre

With our research paper done for Hitchcock’s class, it was time to turn focus to the other assignments I need to get done for next week. I spent the morning reviewing the different poets and novelists we covered in Romanticism, and the afternoon was focused on Paul Schrader’s notes on film noir for Cinema. If you don’t know what film noir is, the most important thing I can tell you is it’s not a genre.

It's also the most well-known non-genre you never knew you knew.

I went with Ashley, Kelsey, Libby, and Mo to Borza’s to get fish sandwiches for dinner, and then came home with Kelsey and Mo to continue work on our homework, and also to talk about nonsensical things.

Around 8pm, I headed into Sandymount village to meet Gavin at the AirCoach bus stop. Gavin is one of my good friends from high school, and is studying in Florence this semester. He wanted to come visit Dublin for a weekend, so he’s staying at our apartment and I’m showing him around tomorrow and Sunday. I’m really excited he got to come visit!

I think he's excited, too.

He dropped his stuff off, met my roommates, and went with everyone to Ryan’s so he could experience a true Irish pub, and of course some culture.


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