Registration Burritos…Bi-Winning

This morning marked our last 8am class with Hitchcock before our research papers are due, though rather than any nervous pre-papers-due questions, we  discussed Charlie Sheen and his attempts to copyright many of the outrageous and ridiculous things he’s said in the past few months, as well as a cow that’s been trained to be ridden like a show horse.

You thought I was making stuff up, didn't you?

After our bizarre current events class we went to our Romanticism lecture where we were supposed to be finishing Sense & Sensibility, but instead talked about the background notes for Jane Eyre, which we won’t actually be around for. Libby, Mo, and I were supposed to meet with our Cinema group to edit our movie, but since Libby was proactive last night and did it all in iMovie on her laptop, we got to leave.

In celebration of not having to stay at school for an extra two hours, Libby and I went into Dublin with Kelsey and Danielle for lunch. We wanted burritos, so we went to Pablo Picanté off Grafton Street, which was incidentally across the street from the Hairy Lemon. They had a really good student discount, but more importantly they had amazing burritos. I’m talking better than Chipotle and Panchero’s.

Their food is as just as awesome as their poster.

We went to O’Connell Street to get our bus passes for next week, then came home to continue our peer editing for our papers. Kelsey, Mo, and I ended up next door at the other girls’ apartment where we edited, freaked out about registering for our fall semester classes, and played Florence and the Machine’s Dog Days Are Over on repeat.


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