He Had It Coming…

8am class this morning was met with some trepidation since our papers were due, and many of us had gotten little or no sleep in order to finish it. Of course they weren’t actually due this morning, they just needed to be done so we could peer review them and make changes. They’re actually due Thursday morning.


I also had my Cinema in Culture lecture, in which literally nothing of note happened (although it was made clear that film noir is not a genre). After lecture, Libby, Mo, and I came back to Sandymount with our entire seminar group to film our movie, which is the group project we’ve been working on all semester.

The story is about a miserable old couple. The man is an abusive drunk, and the woman is a passive-aggressive housewife who just wants to knit and watch Chicago in peace. Most of the film centers around the Cell Block Tango scene from Chicago, so for those of you who haven’t seen the play or the movie, it doesn’t end well for the husband.


The filming actually went quite well, despite there being eleven of us doing a project that required about six people to be present. We’re editing the footage tomorrow, and showing it in our lecture next Tuesday. It was a lot of fun getting it done and hanging out with the Irish students in our group.

Filming actually had a dual purpose. While we were working in Libby’s apartment, Danielle and Kelsey were working next door on a super-secret-surprise ice cream cake for Libby’s birthday. She didn’t want a big celebration because it’s not her 21st birthday, but 20 is still a big deal. Kelsey and Danielle made a fantastic layered cake: a layer of sponge cake, a layer of raspberry ripple ice cream, a layer of crushed short bread cookies, a layer of raspberry cheesecake ice cream, another layer of crushed cookies, and finally a topping of whipped cream and white chocolate chips.

We had everyone come over after dinner. Libby was very surprised and everyone seemed to like it; the birthday girl even said it was the best ice cream cake she had ever had.

Sorry Dairy Queen, you've been demoted to lesser holidays.

I ended the night editing more papers while Libby began editing our movie, and of course watching Jersey Shore with Libby, Kelsey, and Danielle.



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