Pride and Prejudice and…Red Bull

This morning and much of the early afternoon were unfortunately boring to a mind-numbing degree. I finally put the finishing touches on my paper with my growth rate chart when Kelsey was out hiking in Howth, and then got to Skype with my Dad for a little while in the early afternoon.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in a state of semi panic as Kelsey and I tried to get our schedules worked out for our courses for fall semester at Loras (yes, it’s that time again). We register on Wednesday and just heard back from our advisor about several different courses, so we were trying to make sure we could get everything to fit in like we needed, and more importantly wanted it to.

Like this, but less busy. And more colorful.

Rob made tacos for dinner and had everyone still in the country over (Matt and Mo went to Barcelona for the weekend), so I ate with Kelsey, Libby, Danielle, Ashley, Julie, Rob, and Anders, and of course managed to get taco grease all over myself since I had gone nearly all day without spilling anything.

The girls have decided we’re going to watch Pride & Prejudice since Julie has never seen it. As soon as she and Libby get back from Tesco we’re going to, and since I’m crashing despite having done nothing tiring all day I’m getting a Red Bull and crossing my fingers I stay awake through the whole movie.



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