This morning and a good portion of the afternoon was spent largely working on my paper and trying to get one of the many neighborhood cats to stop screaming outside the kitchen door.


I finally stopped working when Libby came over with Julie, her French friend who’s currently living in London (we stayed at her house when we went there), and visiting for the weekend. We took a walk down to the beach in Sandymount village so Julie could take some pictures, though we headed back soon after because there were large threatening clouds with lightning that kept getting closer and closer to us.

For dinner, Libby decided to go all-American, and cooked Kraft blue box macaroni and cheese for Julie, Danielle, Ashley, Kelsey, and me. It was great, and definitely made us miss meals from home.

Even if this is hardly home cooking.

After dinner we headed to the DART, which we took north to Howth where they’re holding their annual Prawn Festival. “Prawn” is another one of those minor differences words, and it’s what they call shrimp. So yes, we went to a festival entirely dedicated to shellfish. We arrived late enough that we missed most of the food vendors, and it didn’t appear to have any sort of beer garden (festival indeed!), but we didn’t miss the carnival.

Welcome to the Sizzler.

After being spun around to classic(?) 80s tunes, we walked along the pier and watched the fireworks that were shot off over the harbor. The fireworks weren’t nearly as spectacular as any Fourth of July shows I’ve seen at home, but it was still really nice, and it was really cool seeing how the entire town come together for the show.

We ended the night with a pint at Ryan’s, so Julie could experience “what real Dubliners do.”
Culture indeed.


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