A Blustery Day

This morning was rather nondescript unless you consider the 40-mph wind that didn’t fail to stop gusting until well into the afternoon worth noting. I certainly did.

Just a slight breeze, really.

After our 8am class, I went with Libby and Danielle to check out the Crunch Fitness health club in Dun Laoghaire. It’s apparently health and/or wellness week at IADT, and we were given free one-day trial passes for the gym. It wasn’t far from the DART station, and we were instantly taken aback by how nice the facility was inside. The lobby was an electric-candle-lit subterranean chamber decorated in black marble and gold tile, complete with a check-in desk that was also a tropical fish tank. We were instantly grateful for the free pass, as I’m sure none of could afford to enter the doors on a normal day.

We were shown to the locker room, which seemed much less ostentatious until we saw the jacuzzi, steam room, and shower area.

I now refuse to shower in anything less glamorous.

The actual workout facility was no less flamboyant. The first floor was reserved for cardio machines, and there were a lot of treadmills, ellipticals, and ski machines, and the second floor had weights; this is pretty typical for a gym, but the actual room looked more like a night club than a place to get into shape. There was also a studio for classes and a lap pool, both dimly lit by electric chandeliers and decorated with mod furniture that would have been at home in a high class hotel.

I feel like more people at home would go to the gym if it felt like Hollywood.

Despite how unbelievably fancy the actual building was, the machines were of pretty poor quality. The treadmills were all pretty old and had annoyingly loud motors, while several of the weight machines I was on had rusted tracks that made use pretty difficult. It was still nice to get a good workout in, though. I’ve really missed being able to go to the gym, so it was a great feeling to get to go. The shower was also amazing, and since our shower in the apartment still wasn’t working, that might have been the best part of the whole experience.

Later in the afternoon when I was home, Kelsey and I decided to watch Braveheart because Kelsey had never seen it, and a lot of the movie was actually filmed in Ireland, and we were able to identify parts of Wicklow we had been to.


Around 6pm I went into Dublin with Kelsey, Libby, and Danielle to see an art show being put on by some students we know from IADT. There were some very interesting pieces in the exhibit, but I also don’t know all that much about art so some of the messages probably went over my head. There were some amazing paintings throughout the gallery though, paired with free wine and the art students’ gratitude for everyone coming, it was a very nice evening.

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