Attention to Detail

Another early morning sans a working shower, though this time we got to walk to the DART under threat of downpour. Classes went pretty well. We discussed topics both serious and otherwise (war in Libya, rise in moob reduction surgeries) for Hitchcock’s class, and continued to watch Sense & Sensibility in Romanticism.

Just like this, but with Alan Rickman.

For my Cinema seminar my group finished writing the script for our movie, as well as drawing the storyboards and finishing the shot list. We’re filming next week and were assigned tech parts. Libby got assigned stage manager, Mo’s in charge of communication, and I’m in charge of continuity due to my affinity for stupid little details and because I drew the storyboards.

After class I went with Danielle, Kelsey, and Libby into city center to get new DART passes for April, and then stopped at Tesco for groceries on the way home. Once home we worked on homework, and I helped Kelsey prepare for a Skype interview she had for a summer internship.

We’re going to chill out and watch a movie next door now. Peace.



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