This morning we came full circle and had breakfast at Bewley’s like we did last Monday. Mom was very excited by the amount of protein in her full Irish breakfast, and I was excited for my soy cappuccino.

We decided to go to Phoenix Park, since it was just about the only notable thing they hadn’t seen in Dublin yet. We walked through the Victorian gardens admiring the many different blooming flowers and plants, as well as the various statues and rocks that littered the grounds. We also walked up to the Wellington Memorial which Dad thought was really cool.

It is the tallest obelisk in Europe.

We walked for awhile in the park (because honestly, we haven’t done enough walking this week) and saw the President’s house and the Papal Cross before we left the park for city center. We made one last stop at the Tourist Information Centre so Mom could get the “Sláinte” signs she wanted for the kitchen and the cabin, then went across the street to O’Neils for a pint. I had never been to O’Neils but it was actually very nice; it had about 25 taps of foreign, domestic, and specialty beers which included things like Molly’s Chocolate Stout, Belfast Blonde, Trouble Ór, and Galway Hooker.

Mom and Dad really enjoyed O’Neils, and after we finished our drinks we returned to their hotel so they could assess what all needed to go into the suitcases. Dad then proceeded to pack clothes, souvenirs, shoes, and laundry with strategic dexterity normally reserved for Nintendo games of the late 1980s.

Just try and get the theme song out of your head now.

Dad wanted to print off their boarding passes, so we found an internet cafe on Grafton Street while Mom sunned herself in front of Butler’s to fight off the wind. For dinner we decided to hunt down some seafood chowder, and ended up back at The Shack in Temple Bar, which actually has better-than-average seafood chowder for city center.

For our last hurrah we went back to the Hairy Lemon for one last pint even though their favorite bartender wasn’t there (yes, I said favorite. They’ve been here a week and they have a favorite bar and a favorite bartender that they closed down with), but it was really nice.

They probably won't even let me in after those two spent so much time there.

They’re leaving for the airport tomorrow morning, but I actually have class tomorrow so today was the last time I get to see them on their trip. They walked me to the DART and we said our good-byes which was kind of sad. I was really happy they came to visit, and I had a really great time with them.

I’m excited to see them in May when I come home!


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