Donkeys say “Bray”

I had to abandon my parents this morning for class, so they wandered around Dublin for a bit as I sat in my 8am class, then they managed to meet me at the Dun Laoghaire DART station, where we caught the next southbound train to Bray.

We walked all along the beach, and partway up Bray Head Hill to admire the view, before venturing around a little bit of the cliff walk to Greystones, also to enjoy the view. They were blown away by how pretty everything was.

And also a little bit by the wind.

We headed back into Dublin for lunch, where we ate at my favorite restaurant in Temple Bar, called The Shack. After lunch we searched for the ever-elusive Leprechaun Museum to no avail, and decided to walk west down the quay to the Old Jameson Distillery instead.

The OJD used to be the location where the famous Irish Whiskey was made, but is now more of a museum (the new distillery is in Cork).  We didn’t do the actual tour, but we wandered around the gift shop for quite awhile and hung out in the bar.

Home of fantastic Irish Coffee.

We returned to the south side of the river and checked out the Medieval District, starting with the chapel and courtyard of Dublin Castle, Dublin’s City Hall, Christ Church Cathedral, and ended up at the Brazen Head. The Brazen Head was established in 1198 and is the oldest pub in Dublin, but is still a great place to enjoy a pint.

People were shorter in 1198.

We ended the night with a trip to my parents’ new favorite pub, conveniently located across the street from their hotel, call The Hairy Lemon. Not surprisingly, they hit it off quite well with the bartender, and we were there for a little while before scarfing down take-out noodles and calling it a day.

Tomorrow we’re taking a bus tour out to Limerick and Galway, so it should be another busy day.


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