It’s T-Shirt Time

At approximately 2:43pm CST yesterday (that’s 7:43pm for the folks here in Ireland) my parents were seated comfortably in the World Club in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, at which point my mom realized her death in a fiery plane crash was eminent and she began coping for her impending doom accordingly.

Namely drinking Bloody Mary's and texting her people.

Luckily my parents did not meet their demise in a Delta aircraft, and they arrived safe and sound in Dublin at about 6am local time (1am CST if you’re keeping track). I let them get settled before gate-crashing their hotel and dragging them out of place to make sure they didn’t succumb to jet-lag, which my mom didn’t appreciate since I actually had to drag her out of bed.

We went for breakfast (and coffee. Lots of coffee) at Bewley’s, then walked up and down Grafton Street and all around St. Stephen’s Green, before heading through Temple Bar and up O’Connell Street to get their short hop passes for the bus and DART, and then prodded them all the way to the Guinness Storehouse.

So. Much. Culture.

In yet another attempt to keep them motivated, moving, and conscious we rode the train back to Sandymount to see my apartment, have more coffee, and get dinner and a pint and relax at Ryan’s for awhile before sending them back to Dublin with explicitly detailed directions oh how to get back to their hotel.

Tomorrow we’ve got another full day, so hopefully they’ll get some sleep tonight!

One response to “It’s T-Shirt Time

  1. Hi Lindsay! Just came on your blog to see if your parents arrived in Ireland. Tell them I said hello! Have a big Guinness for me!

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