Today started off bright and early to catch the DART down to Bray, and then a shuttle bus out past Wicklow to Glendalough. I was accompanied by Anders, Kelsey, Libby, Matt, Mo, Rob, and Patrick, Bill and Karen, as well as their daughter Kylah, and her friends Nicole, Steff, and Andrea, who are all sophomores at St. Catherine’s in St. Paul and are visiting for their spring break.

We broke into smaller groups to explore different trails, and while most of the group took the long hike up to the waterfall, I went with Kelsey, Mo, and Rob around the lake and into the valley where the miner’s village was.

Yeah, this is my life. NBD.

We spent awhile in the valley climbing on all sorts of rocks and ruins, and examining the many stray pieces of white quartz that littered the ground near the miner’s village, then hiked the few kilometers back to the visitors center where we had lunch and enjoyed the view some more.

After lunch Kelsey and I explored the ruins just off the path to the lake which contained several monastic ruins, an enormous cemetery, and the famous high cross of Ireland, which is one of the oldest Christian artifacts on the island.

Even the dead have a good view here.

We returned home by about 6:30, where I finally put the finishing touches on my paper and submitted it for grading, then cleaned the entire first floor of our apartment with Kelsey. We hung out with Anders, Libby, Kylah, Steff, Nicole, and Andrea for awhile, playing cards and drinking, you guessed it, lemonade.

Everyone has their vices.

I need to get to bed, my parents arrive in Dublin at 6am tomorrow morning, and I have to keep them up all day. It’s going to be a blast!


One response to “Glendalough

  1. Hey there girl~
    Sounds like you are having the time of your life!!! You are such a talented writer….so clever and funny! Where do you get that?!?!!!!
    Have a great time with your parents this week! Your mom will be so relieved when her planes lands in the morning!
    PTL, Sr. MR

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