The One Day School Week

Today was the only day of this week that I have classes. I don’t have classes on Monday and Friday normally, but this week the entire school is closed down Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for St. Patrick’s Day. Our 8am class with Hitchcock was actually really interesting (not that it isn’t always) because we had a speaker give a presentation about interesting presentations and how to use certain technologies and software available.

How to make your point really hit home.

My lecture for Cinema & Culture focused on the complexities and ambiguous nature of different symbols in the cinema genre of the American Western. That’s right, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood and all the rest were actually representing intensely different views of society, corruption, and the dangers of civilization and the lack thereof. To think we just thought they were riding around shooting at the bad guys who had robbed the stage coach or rustled cattle or whatever other old timey crimes the pioneers dealt with.

"Your lack of interpretation disgusts me."

After class I got some homework done and ate lunch with a few of the Irish students I have class with before going to our Romanticism seminar where we discussed the characteristics of several different characters from Sense & Sensibility, then headed home to do laundry and pick up the house a bit.

Now I’m going into Dublin to meet up with Logan, Lydeah, and Lu for dinner, and to take Logan and Lydeah out to experience the Dublin nightlife. Good thing there’s no school tomorrow.


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