Howth at Three-Thirty

First off, Happy Pi Day.

It's 3-14. Think about it.

This morning marked the completion of my Bibliography summary that’s due tomorrow, as well as catching up on some other work (ahem, blogs). Once done with academic work, Kelsey and I decided to go to Howth. When we got there we weren’t really sure where we were going and actually ended up walking to Sutton and back, where we met up with Libby and her family feeding the sea lions. Libby’s mom, sister, cousin, and family friend are visiting until Wednesday, and we joined them on a cliff walk up the hills of Howth.

As with the rest of the island, it's a great view.

Later, Ashley, Kelsey, and I went with Libby to the guest house where her family was staying for dinner. Libby’s mom cooked us a great meal complete with appetizers, dessert, and good wine (read: not €4 tinto). It was a lot of fun, and really nice of them to invite us over.

Now after being yelled at by my mom several times on Facebook chat to go to bed, I should probably do that.


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