Totaled Shoes

After an exhausting day exploring ancient Ireland, I spent the morning online looking for sources for my research project. As I suspected, there were not nearly enough specific sources and statistics on my topic so I changed it from the rise and fall of the glass ceiling in co-ordinance with the Celtic Tiger to the effect of the tourist industry on the Irish economy before, during, and after the Celtic Tiger.

Just smile and nod like I do.

I found a solid 11 or so sources, and decided to call it quits for the day. Kelsey and Ashley were also on study break, so we decided to watch a movie…in Russian first for some reason. While it was interesting to watch the opening sequence unfold in a foreign fashion, listening to a Russian Phil Collins impersonator belting out:

Положите вашу веру в то, что вы самый верим
Два мира, одна семья.
Целевыесердцем твоим,
пусть судьба решить,
направить эти жизни мы видим.

leaves something to be desired regardless of what’s happening on screen. We did finally manage to get it in English though so it wasn’t a complete loss. After the movie we got ready for church, which according to the website started at 7pm sharp. Unfortunately upon arriving at the church at 6:50, we found that mass was actually at 6pm.

Stupid website.

The walk to church though, which proved fruitless in the end, did have one horrific consequence for me. While walking, there had been several patches of dry dirt that covered the curb and didn’t pose any sort of problem; however, I did find that one particular patch was less dry dirt and more three inches of not-at-all dry mud. The change in surface texture caused me to slid around like a spaz stuck on ice, and the hems of my jeans as well as my well-loved Chuck Taylor high tops ended up covered.

The holes were unrelated.

I’m a little bit upset, and will be exploring different ways to clean Converse in the next few days. For now, I’m going to be watching old episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? with Kelsey, Ashley, Anders, and Rob. We will definitely be watching them in the dark.


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