Buses in the Rain

This morning started out beautifully on our way to 8am with Hitchcock where we discussed current events and our topics for our giant research projects that will be due in two weeks. After class I went straight into Dublin and found the 67 bus stop on Eden Quay. By this time, it had started raining.

I was attempting to find the Lucan Lodge Bed & Breakfast which is about 10 miles west of city center. My friend Logan is spending her spring break in Ireland and was due to arrive with her aunt and cousin at their hotel (the Lucan Lodge) around 10am. The problem was I didn’t know for sure which stop the hotel was at, or actually which town it was near, and because it was pouring, I missed the tiny, half-covered sign for it. I ended up riding the bus to the end of the line in Maynooth, another 10 miles west, and getting back on the bus when it turned around at the depot.

It was a long ride.

This time I asked the bus driver for help, who rather grudgingly told me it was just past Celbridge and to get off after the airport. Unfortunately there were about 12 bus stops immediately after the airport and it was still raining, but someone who had overheard by conversation with the bus driver pointed out the stop I needed. I was finally there, and was really excited to see Logan.

Lydeah, Logan, and Lu: Party Girls.

Except I didn’t. The manager had forgotten they were coming that morning so their room wasn’t ready when they arrived, and they weren’t there. Upon delivering this news, I’m pretty sure the manager noticed I was on the verge of losing my mind because he quickly offered to get me Tom’s number; I had no idea who Tom was, but I was willing to gain back sanity. It turns out Tom is Lu’s cousin who lives in Celbridge, and the girls were staying at his house until their room was ready. He invited me to join them for lunch at the Orchard, which I remembered passing shortly before getting to the hotel, so I agreed to meet them there.

I don’t know what I was expecting from the Orchard, but I was surprised by it. It was like a combination of Bed, Bath & Beyond, Pier 1, the Hallmark Store, PetCo., and the Home Depot, all housed in an enormous greenhouse with an awesome little canteen-style cafe across a little courtyard.

It has everything...

Logan, Lu, Lydeah, and Tom soon arrived and it was really great to catch up over seafood chowder. They hadn’t slept all night and were starting to feel the jet lag (it was about 6am their time by this point), so we decided it would be best to keep everyone moving. After lunch we swung by their hotel so they could get their bags situated and freshen up, and we all drove into Dublin where we went to the attraction they wanted to see the most: the Guinness Storehouse. Like me, Logan and Lu are huge fans of the Irish porter, but Lydeah had never actually had it before. After part of a free pint, I don’t think she was quite sure whether or not she liked it still.

It's not for everyone, which means more for me.

After leaving the Gravity Bar Tom drove Logan and I further into city center where we got on the DART and headed back into Sandymount. My out of Dublin excursion is tomorrow to Newgrange and Slane, and Logan is joining us on the tour, so she’s spending the night at my apartment. We hung out with Kelsey (who had gone to the Old Jameson Distillery and had a certificate testifying that she’s a master taste-tester, and the only person who could differentiate scotch, whiskey, and bourbon by smell alone), and made some coffee in a weak attempt to keep Logan awake past 6pm.

There had been some talk of going to Ryan’s for a pint later on, which we thought would be a nice introduction to Irish culture for Logan. We decided to go into Sandymount village for dinner, and spent a good amount of time wandering around Sandymount Green looking for a cheap, not-packed option that had food without meat in it. We ended up getting €6 smoked cod at Borza’s and eating it out of brown paper bags sans utensils on a street corner.

The picture of class.

We then went to Ryan’s for a pint of Carlsburg (switching it up!) where we were met by Anders, Ashley, and Danielle. After some conversation and nearly passing out on table, we made it back to the apartment where Logan promptly passed out, and I did some last minute touch-ups to my research for Newgrange tomorrow. I’m excited for the excursion, and hope it goes well!


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