Drive-Through Mass

After sleeping through my alarm and nearly missing the train, I managed to make it to Hitchcock’s 8am class where we discussed all sorts of current events; from Kate and Prince William visiting Belfast yesterday for Pancake Tuesday, to Gaelic games, Walmart’s stance on unions, to swans repopulating in Dubuque, it was an interesting class.

Definitely Princess material.

In our romanticism lecture we began the Jane Austen unit, as well as Sense & Sensibility (the good version with Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, and most importantly, Alan Rickman). As was the case with Frankenstein, we’re expected to read outside of class, but lecture is devoted to notes and watching the best film version of each book. It’s definitely a different approach than any other lit class I’ve ever had, but it’s really nice seeing the adaptation to go along with the reading.

And seeing Alan Rickman in funny hats.

My Cinema in Culture seminar was spent broken into our groups for the student-designed films. We spent the hour making changes to the script, deciding on a set order of events that lead straight to the outcome in roughly five minutes, began early work of storyboards, and debated the merits of the movie Chicago playing a supporting role from the background. Given the themes of husbandicide found in both films, I thought it was very fitting.

He had it coming.

After classes I came home and got some research done for our trip to Newgrange this weekend and did some other homework, then went to mass with Kelsey, Ashley, and Danielle, since it is Ash Wednesday. There was a 7pm mass at St. Mary Star of the Sea church in Sandymount city center, and we arrived expecting a full mass and ashes.

We got a full mass and ashes, but what we weren’t expecting was for the entire ordeal to take 17 minutes. I suppose it helped that there was no music and no homily, but also that Father Roadrunner managed to speed read through the reading and the Gospel, the responses, the Eucharistic Rites, and any and all prayers that go into a mass. Receiving communion and the ashes easily added a whopping six minutes to the experience, which was truly different than any other church I’ve ever been to.

Speed 3: Race Car Chapel

The night ended with Kraft blue box macaroni and cheese (a rare commodity in a land that prefers canned “cheese macaroni”), and blinking pieces of crumbling ashes out my eyes. Now I’m going to get some sleep so I’ll actually get up when my alarm goes off tomorrow.


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