Fat Pancakes

Despite returning home from Heusten Station at nearly 11:30pm last night, I was up by 5:15am to shower, pack a lunch, and get ready for class. Luckily, what would have normally been a regular 8am class was given a kick of new interest with Dr. Josephine Brown, a dean of IADT and our guest speaker of the day. She gave a condensed lecture of Irish Labor Law, it’s relationship with trade unions, the Irish constitution, and whether it can be used by workers as a sword or a shield.

Or a workers comp suit just waiting to happen.

In my Cinema in Culture lecture we continued our discussion of horror movies in American culture, and how many of them related to either Marxism or something considered harmful being repressed by society (read: independent women in the 1970s). My romanticism seminar was slightly dryer than usual, but I attribute that to the fact we were supposed to be discussing different forms of Death in Keats’ poetry, which is a pretty good way to kill any conversation.

At some point today we discovered two different things. First, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which makes today Fat Tuesday, and the last time we can bask in whatever sin we plan to cleanse ourselves of at least for the next 40 days. I’ve decided to give up candy, which is effectively why I’m stuffing my face with Mars Planets right now.

Even candy names are better here.

It was also discovered that today is National Pancake Tuesday in Ireland. This might sound a bit odd, but let me explain. There basically is no such thing as pancakes in Ireland. There are crêpes everywhere, and I’ve even seen waffles, but there apparently is some odd wormhole that prevents pancakes from entering the country.

Except for today, where there are mountains of fluffy, buttery American-style pancakes everywhere you look. Burger King ran specials for two-for-one deals, IADT had 40¢ crêpes in the canteen and a tent selling pancakes in the courtyard, and Libby’s friend Sue made an enormous pancake dinner for everyone, including the Hitchcocks.

Oh maple syrup, how I've missed you.

With an amazing dinner and my homework all finished, Ashley, Danielle, Kelsey, and I are getting back to our American roots and watching some Jersey Shore. It’s t-shirt time.


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