We left our apartments this morning at 7:15 sharp to get to Heusten Station in Dublin. There were fourteen of us (Anders, Ashley, Danielle, Kelsey, Libby, Matt, Mo, Rob, Pat, Bill, Karen, Bill and Karen’s friend from home, Libby’s family friend Sue, and me!), so we were quite the group getting to the train where we took off to Killarney in County Kerry, which is the southwest corner of the island.

Southwest, aka bottom left.

Once we arrived we walked to the bed & breakfast to drop off our bags and were then set loose in Killarney. I went with Anders, Ashley, Danielle, Kelsey, Libby, and Sue to a pub for lunch, which had phenomenal seafood chowder. We then walked from city center to Killarney National Park, where we hiked around and saw Mukross Abbey, the Mukross house, and the waterfall, as well as several kilometers worth of forest.

There were also lakes and mountains.

The highlight of the trip was at the waterfall when Libby decided to climb down to the water and then up the rocks to where the water came down. It took awhile and was a little nerve-racking to watch, but she eventually made it and I got a really cool picture for her.

She actually got higher, but this is a good picture.

That’s not the best part though. Considering how precarious her climb up was, we weren’t necessarily surprised that she had a kind of difficult time getting down. Libby soon realized that getting down was much, much more difficult than she originally thought. Anders ended up going down to help her climb her way out, which resulted in Libby and Anders returning safe and sound, and Anders’ pants getting just a little soaked.

Important lessons were learned, like teamwork, and staying on dry land.

After this ordeal we walked back to our bed & breakfast, ordered dinner, and played cards. Tomorrow we’re touring the Dingle Peninsula!


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