What a Zoo

After Danielle’s unbirthday party we were up bright and early by 6:00am. At least we would have if we were at home, but instead were all up and moving by noon. Anders, Ashley, Danielle, Kelsey, and I went into Dublin and found the Irish equivalent of Panchero’s or Chipotle, called Boojum, just off the quay.

For all your giant burrito needs.

We then jumped on a bus up to Phoenix Park and went to the Dublin Zoo. Besides being one of the largest zoos in Europe and home to the original MGM lion, it’s a pretty good way to spend an afternoon. We saw several different kinds of monkeys, tigers, lions, wolves, penguins, sea lions, giraffes, zebras, oryx, ostriches, rhinoceroses, and a hippopotamus, as well as the reptile and bird houses. It was an exceptionally chilly day, so we got to see how animals of the African plains act in 30° weather.

It takes over twenty hours to knit every scarf.

We wandered around the zoo until close, then managed to navigate ourselves out of the park and return home. I was planning on watching The Chronicles of Narnia with Kelsey, Ashley, and Danielle next door, but now I’m thinking I might just go to bed early. Tomorrow we’re heading to Killarney, and I still have to pack!


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