A Very Merry Unbirthday

Class this morning finished up our group presentations where we heard all about the drastic rise and even more drastic fall of the Irish economy in the 20th century, which sparked some discussion about the different causes of the rise and fall of the Celtic tiger. Considering the name of the course it “The Rise and Fall of the Celtic Tiger,” I’d say we’re finally hitting the nail on the head.

This adorns the conference room for the European Union.

After class we took a short detour to Tesco before returning home and going on a cleaning spree. Earlier in the week everyone had planned on having dinner and festivities for Danielle’s unbirthday at the boys’ apartment, so Danielle, Kelsey, Anders, and I cleaned the entire first floor and decided parts of the living room floor hadn’t been swept since the apartment was built.


Cleaning took up a good part of the afternoon, and soon we were getting ready for dinner. Rob made tacos for everyone, which were very good despite the flavor being a little off. Spices here are a lot different (read: non-existent), and instead of getting two packets of taco seasoning from Tesco I accidentally grabbed a taco and a fajita mix. Oops.

We ended up not having Danielle’s unbirthday at the boys’ apartment because they had brand new next door neighbors that moved in earlier in the day, and since they had a small child with them we thought they should get to have their first night in their new home spent in relative peace and quiet.

Instead we moved the party back to our apartment, and what a lovely unbirthday it was.

And here's to 364 more.


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