Spaghetti Pie…and then more pie

This morning began with a display of academic panic unseen since our economics test a few weeks ago as we had a large group project due. The project included individual papers from each group member, a group paper summarizing the entire group’s research and how it connects, and a presentation on both the individual and group papers.

My group’s presentation actually went very well, which is impressive considering Kelsey and Libby didn’t see the power point presentation until we were in front of the class.

The surprise was bullet points.

Our topic was the economic state of Ireland in the 19th century. Libby focused on 1800-1840 and the importance of agriculture and the impact of the British industrial revolution, Kelsey researched the Great Famine and the fish industry during the potato blight, and I looked at 1850-1900 which had a period of large economic growth and decline, as well as finding the impact of the shipbuilding industry based in Belfast.

After class we went to breakfast in the canteen which was interrupted by the fire alarm. As students from Loras College it took us a moment to realize what the sound was because it wasn’t going off at 2am in Beckman Hall. Kelsey and I particularly had some trouble since it didn’t play Bad to the Bone.


We got to hang outside with the small population of students that was present at 9am during Rag Week for about 20 minutes before whatever flaming inferno or wire malfunction that caused the alarms to go off was resolved.

Once home, we hung kind of low because everyone was wiped out from working on our projects until the wee hours of the morning. Ashley and Danielle came over and had lunch with Kelsey and I while we watched Harry Potter and discussed the different economic eras of Ireland that had been presented on in class. I also drew a picture of Lord Voldemort wearing a monocle and top hat, for reasons that are still slightly unclear to me.

Earlier in the day, Libby’s family friend from back home arrived in Dublin. Sue is staying in Ireland for two weeks and spending the first week here in Sandymount. In honor of her arrival Danielle made spaghetti pie, her famous dish that I missed out on the last time she cooked because I was still sick. It was awesome. The second act was a dessert sampler from Bewley’s which included cheesecake, Victorian spongecake, chocolate cake, and chocolate tart.

You just really can't beat this.

Having ingested more in one meal than I normally do in a day, we reverted into couch comas which were accompanied by Sporcle tournaments and the discovery that my arm span is longer than Libby is tall.

Possibly the most exciting part of my day was getting to talk to my favorite person in the world named Susie on Skype for about two hours. Kelsey and I miss her and our other Loras friends quite terribly despite the amazing time we’re having here.

I choose to believe they miss us, too.

With that, I’m off to bed to be up bright and early for our 8am class in the morning.


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