Does Skipping Class Count as Culture?

Rag Week continued today with more classes lacking attendees, and more students wandering around dazed and confused than most Wednesday mornings. Even Hitchcock’s 8am was missing nearly a third of the students, though since that’s actually a Loras class, the empty chairs were less shrugged off and more punished by keeping Friday class scheduled for everybody. I’ve decided that this is so we don’t face re-entry culture shock when we go back to Loras classes next fall, though it’s probably just because Hitchcock doesn’t like it when people skip his class.

They're not skipping, they're just invisible.

After Hitchcock’s class was our Romanticism lecture, in which we learned all about the second generation of Romantic poets: Byron, Shelley, and Keats. These three punks rebelled against the rules set by Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Blake in the first generation of romantic poets (also known as the Fogey Romantics) like taking inspiration from nature. Instead they drew muse from public life and recent history. Byron is also considered the first modern celebrity, complete with groupies, sex scandals, and an untimely death.

The Byron Plague is considered the precursor to the modern day Bieber Fever.

I had a quick lunch with Anders and Libby after lecture, and what seemed an even quicker cinema seminar (he took attendance of the 11 people there, we had a twenty minute conversation about The Godfather, and then we were out), then we headed back to Sandymount. After a stop at Tesco, Kelsey, Libby, and I have been working pretty much non-stop on our economic history projects that are due tomorrow. Ours is over the 19th century, which covers the largest economic boom in Irish history until the Celtic Tiger, the damage caused by the British industrial revolution, and of course the Great Potato Famine.

"If you're like me, you have never seen a potato before."

There was a lot of work and research that went into the fifteen or so pages the three of us produced. Hopefully our presentation goes well tomorrow and we can enjoy more of Rag Week.


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