Horse Outside

Yesterday was so uneventfully boring that I will spare you from the mind numbing details of laundry and economic research.

Let’s start with today then.

This morning we didn’t have 8am class with Hitchcock because Anders, Ashley, Danielle, Kelsey, and Libby were still in Stockholm, and Mo, Matt, and Rob were still in Cork. I slept in a bit and went into Dun Laoghaire a little early to get some work done on my paper before my 9am (9:40) cinema lecture. I was soon joined by several Irish students from my  lectures who asked about my weekend and told me about Rag Week at IADT.

Above: not one CAB event.

Rag Week is a student-run charity function that lasts all week and includes events like cook-outs, concerts, and a dance. It’s similar to homecoming or Dionysia week at Loras, except the events are ten times as awesome and everyone participates. Since the drinking age is also 18, alcohol can be sold at the functions which I’m sure helps with turnout quite a bit. More on this later.

Our cinema lecture was a bit subdued because there were only about 12 people in attendance. I knew Mo, Anders, and Libby wouldn’t be there, but I was surprised there were so many Irish students missing. This apparently is another part of Rag Week: everyone goes to concerts and after parties at night, and sleeps through classes the next morning. The professors have no discernible problem with this, which is another reason Rag Week wouldn’t work out at Loras. Instead of a lecture on the effect of Russian socialism in film, we watched a documentary on American horror films in the 1960s and 1970s.

The result of Vietnam and the feminist movement.

After lecture I finished working on my economics paper (ask me about microeconomics in Ireland from 1850 to 1900, just try!), and had lunch with the same Irish students I had gone to lecture with (whose names are Laura, Kate, Sadhbh, Keith, and Fiona), and then went to seminar for Romanticism, where we joined three other students for a rousing discussion of the themes in Kenneth Branagh’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Let's say inner beauty.

Back to Rag Week, the big event that was taking place tonight was a performance by the group The Rubberbandits. The award winning comedy hip-hop duo from Limerick are best known for their satirical and crude raps and ballads covering topics from armchair republicanism to love of a greyhound named Lavender. They’re also well known for always wearing plastic bag masks.

Masks create how they haven't suffocated yet.

The concert was at 7pm in the courtyard in a giant tent, which was almost completely full of students drinking and loving life. Despite the large amount of people, I still managed to get really, really close to the stage.

Really close.

Their best song is Horse Outside, which actually topped the Irish charts in December. Caution when following that link though, it’s a hysterical video and a great song, but it’s also very crude and laced with strings of profanities.

After the concert I got home to find all of my lovely American classmates had returned from the great northland of Sweden, and I got to hear all about their ice-filled adventures.


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