Just Another Day

I took today as an opportunity to just kind of wander around Dublin on my own accord. Mo, Matt, and Rob took off for Cork, and with everyone else in Stockholm I went into town. I wanted to get my DART pass for March, but since it was Sunday the office was closed.


I hung out on O’Connell for a little while to check out the new stuff at Penney’s, and then went down into Temple Bar. I wanted to find the hotel my parents will be staying at when they’re here next month, which I did. It was only about a five minute walk south of Temple Bar, and another five minutes from Grafton Street. It’s a nice area that they’ll hopefully enjoy. The worst part about the walk from the hotel to Grafton is the fact that it started pouring on me, and if that wasn’t bad enough it started hailing as well. I got to spend period of about ten minutes in the tiny stoop of some closed shop on Drury Street.

I wasn't afraid to leave, there were just giant hailstones.

After it finally stopped raining, I made my way to Grafton Street and checked out a couple of shops and markets that looked interesting. It was starting to get kind of late so I got a cup of coffee and a sandwich and ate in St. Stephen’s Green before walking around the rest of the park, and checking out the National Gallery.

I came back home to do laundry and homework, and hang out. Tomorrow will be yet another exciting day full of homework and cleaning, and maybe a trip to the National Library.


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