Malahide…Mullach Íde

In lieu of our normally scheduled 8am class with Hitchcock this morning in Dun Laoghaire, we met outside at 7:15 as usual and instead took the DART north into Dublin, where we congregated at the Irish Times office for a conference on upskilling for Ireland’s National Employment Week.

They did have a pretty dynamite video.

We listened to several lecturers from the Irish Times, Trinity College, the American Chamber of Commerce, and other businesses speak about the benefits and advancements made by technology, and what it means for education, the job market, and society as a whole. Obviously technology can run things more efficiently and make life easier for people, so long as proper training is employed. Additionally, with the rise of technology and the digitalization of businesses, jobs that didn’t exist ten years ago are now in high demand.

Responsible for creating 14,000 new jobs, including Steve Jobs’ monkey butler.

After the conference we returned to Sandymount. It was a beautiful day (sunny, a very slight breeze, about 54°) and somewhere along the ride home Ashley, Danielle, and Mo decided it would be a great day to catch a few rays outside in our backyard. Unfortunately, due to the time of day our backyard was completely cast in shadow, which led to the three of them trying to tan through the kitchen window in the boys apartment.

It didn’t go very well.

Not being all that keen on sunless and heatless tanning, Kelsey and I decided to take the train all the way north to Malahide to walk around a park near the train station. We wandered around the paths in the woods for a couple hours, dodging the many children running around the playground equipment scattered in various locations, and finding yet another castle.

They really just give them away here.

It started getting dark and the temperature finally started to return to a state more fitting for February, so we came back home for dinner, then headed to Ryan’s with Anders, Libby, Ashley, Danielle, and Pat to grab a pint and chill out. Hitchcock cancelled our 8am for tomorrow (because he’s such a great guy!!!), so I’m definitely looking forward to sleeping in.

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